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Santos Drybag

A super strong bag that fits neatly in the Santos Hold-all

Santos Drybags and Hold-all

Everything easily accessible

The Santos Drybag is a luggage bag with a capacity of 4.5 liters. For example to put your down jacket in. Or your sleeping bag. Or your clothes for one weekend. Or your mat with your towel, toiletries and your wallet. And that immediately indicates the advantage of a bag. Each bag can have its own purpose and that gives you a great overview.

Sturdy and waterproof too

The Santos Drybags are made of sturdy waterproof material. The bags have a diameter of 14 cm and a height of 40 cm. The actual usable height is slightly less because you need space to close the it. This is done with a roll closure. The capacity is around 4.5 liters.

Santos Drybag loops

Secure the Drybags with straps

You have two options to attach the bags to your bike.
The simplest one is to work with lashing straps. Bikepackers love it. The Santos Drybag has loops on one side through which you can pull the straps almost over the entire length. This allows you to choose almost any place on your bike to mount the Drybags. Favorite ones are the front fork, the down tube, the bottom of the saddle and the rear forks.

Santos Hold-Alls with Drybags on bike

Or put them into Santos Hold-alls

You can also go for luxury and use the Santos Hold-all. These can also be mounted in different places on your bicycle frame. With gravel bikes, this is usually on the front fork and of course in the places where you normally mount your water bottles. In combination with the Hold-all you have a very nice solution. Stuff everything into your bags and click them into the Hold-alls. It is as simple as that. The Santos Drybags are a slightly bigger than the Santos Hold-all. The reason being that when the lashing straps are tightened, the bag is automatically pushed into place.

Santos Drybag

Highly visible in the dark

The Drybag has bright silver striping on the front. So you are very visible for oncoming traffic. If you don't want this, simply turn the bag over.

Santos Hold-All

Santos Hold-all

One size fits all. Everything you put in it, stays in it. Whether it is a heavy load or a bumpy road. Full details on this unique Santos product can be found here .

The Santos Drybag is now available at all

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