• Santos Cargo bike bakfiets

    Cargo bike.

  • Santos Cargo bike bakfiets

    Cargo bike.

  • Santos Cargo bike bakfiets

    Cargo bike.

  • Santos Cargo bike bakfiets

    Cargo bike.

Santos Cargo Bike

“Over a year ago I was asked whether Santos wanted to develop a modular cargo bike that immediately meets the requirements, lasts for years and is built according to the high Santos quality standards. It emerged from various market sectors that with new cargo bikes, the wheels are first changed, constructive adjustments are made and welding work accumulates during use, in addition to many repairs. With this information, we started a collaboration with the designers of the cargo bike flat frame, a platform on which ours is built. The result: the Santos Cargo Bike.”

Robert Rutgrink,
Founder Santos Bikes

What are the main benefits?

  • Modular means of transport

  • Extremely durable

  • High uptime

  • Stable and agile

  • Custom-built

  • Built in the Netherlands

  • Full service possible

Santos bike patrol politiefiets belgie training

Smart solutions

Santos contributes ideas in smart logistics custom-built solutions. The cooperation with customers is aimed at an integrated chain approach.

Sustainable mobility

The Cargo Bike fits within the themes of sustainable mobility and healthy lifestyle. Themes that Santos Bikes focuses on.

Santos bike patrol handhavingsfiets
Santos bike patrol politiefiets belgie training

Years of experience

Santos Bikes has many years of experience with vehicle expectations from various market sectors and government agencies at home and abroad. The Santos Cargo Bike was developed with this know-how.

Interested in Santos Cargo Bike?

Please contact us by phone or WhatsApp. If you are in a distant location, we can schedule a video appointment. We then show you our frames, models, colors and accessories. Or visit us live. We are located just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam airport. We ship worldwide.

Schillingweg 41
2153 PL Nieuw-Vennep
Tel: +31 (0) 252 426 123
WhatsApp: +31 (0)252 823 291

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