• Santos Travelmaster 2+
  • Santos Travelmaster 2+

    Travelmaster 2+

The Travelmaster 2+ is both a newcomer and an old acquaintance in the Travelmaster series. It emerged from the further development of the Travelmaster 2.8. The principle remains the same; a heavy-duty trekking bike for distant destinations, as a light-packed randonneur for a weekend cycling through the Netherlands, but also perfect for cycling to work every day.

What's new about this charismatic traveler? For starters, it is now possible to choose both rim and disc brakes. The Travelmaster 2 + also has room for wider tires, is suitable for a racing wheel with race shifters and the bike gets a new Cro-Mo front fork.

"One of the best all-rounders on the market."

A new classic

with attractive extras

Wider tires
Rim and disc brakes
Customize yourself
Over 50 colors
Modular cable guides

Up to 50mm wide tires

Wider tires

We have made sure that you can use tires up to 50mm with the Travelmaster 2+. Very nice if you plan to do a lot of unpaved touring.

Want to opt for even wider tires? Then check out the Travelmaster 3+.


Travelmaster 3+ perspectief
Travelmaster 2+ schijfremmen

Hydraulic brakes

Disc or rim brakes

Two types of hydraulic brakes are possible on the Travelmaster 2+. Choose powerful disc brakes or the reliable Maguras. Choose what suits you best.


Santos Only product development

Modular Cable guides and inserts

The new Travelmaster 2+ is equipped with our own developed modular cable guides. The Santos Cable guides are building blocks for your frame. Whichever configuration you choose: you always have the right amount of inserts. Even if you want to change the configuration of the bike.

Travelmaster 2+ nokjes

A modern randonneur

Suitable for racing handlebars

Also new compared to the Travelmaster 2.8 is the option to choose racing handlebars. In combination with the race shifters, you can put together a hypermodern, heavy duty randonneur. Or how about some bikepacking?


Choose whatever you like

Over 50 frame colors

Make your Santos bicycle your own and unique; retro or ahead of the times. The choice of the color of the logos and lettering is also up to you.

To make it even more complete, you can also choose the color of your Rohloff hub.

Santos kleuren frames
Santos Literack XL

Lowrider voor large panniers

Suitable for the Literack XL

In addition to the Literack, Santos has developed the LiteRack XL. The thicker rods and extra bracket make it suitable for larger panniers. With a load capacity of 25 kg, it offers a smart choice as a luggage rack for the 2+.


Three types of drives

Rohloff-belt, Rohloff-chain or Derailleur.

Reliable Rohloff hub
Suitable for derailleur too
Santos riemaandrijving

Long lifespan, less maintenance

Santos beltdrive

With the right belt and gears, the drive of your bicycle is super durable. The Travelmaster 2 + has this durable Santos belt drive. That means fixed rear dropouts (so your rear wheel is always straight) and Gates belt drive. This way you can cycle a lot and silently. Nice indeed.


Care-free riding

Reliable Rohloff hub

If you want to drive many kilometers carefree, choose the reliable and user-friendly internal gears from Rohloff with Santos belt drive. It makes the Travelmaster 2+ a low maintenance and very strong travel partner.

The Rohloff hub has 14 gears and is available in 6 colors.

Santos rohloff

Choose your Santos bike

How to I determine what to build?

Is it the right bike for me?

Is it the Santos Travelmaster 2+ that appeals most to you? Or maybe one of our other bicycles? To get your thoughts clear, you may use the Santos step-by-step plan. This plan is currently only available in Dutch, but we hope to publish an English version soon. You don’t need to fill it in, it is meant as a guideline for when you get in touch with us.

Santos step-by-step plan >

How much will it cost?

Convinced that the Travelmaster 2+ is the bike for you? Then you may want to use the Santos customizer as a guideline to make choices about the drive, the brakes and the entire assembly such as the handlebars, the saddle and the tires. Use this tool to see the many options of custombuilding and to get a rough idea about pricing.

Customizer >

Where can I get more information?

You can visit our factory or one of our dealers. Our factory is located just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam airport. Our dealer network is mainly based in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can also make a video appointment. We then "walk" you through our factory and show you frames, models, colours and accessories. We can ship worldwide.

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