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Santos Cable guides

Lego for cables

Clean & dedicated

The Santos Cable guides are building blocks for your frame. Whichever configuration you choose; you always have the right amount of inserts. With a clean and dedicated frame you definitaly have something to show!


The Santos Cable guides consist of three different parts. These can be used modularly for 1, 2, 3 or 4 cables, and even more, because the combinations are stackable. Depending on what is favorable, you can assemble the cables in a compact way or for example to 1 side.

Easy to (dis)assemble

A Santos Cable guide fits on a regular M5 insert.Attached with the bolt, the cables are directly enclosed and the molded lock prevents the parts from turning and twitching. Service and maintenance of the cables is easier than ever.

Compact, strong and lightweight

The Santos Cable guides are strong, lightweight and made of anodised aluminum (doesn't rust); this way they keep the cables neatly attached to the frame.

Prepared for the future

Would you like to be able to change something on your bike later? We can easily add or remove the cable guides. This is useful, for example, if you want to convert your bike into an E-bike in the future.

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