• Santos Travelmaster-E-Neo


    Available from spring 2023

Santos Travelmaster-E-Neo

Meet our latest E-bike: the Travelmaster-E-Neo, designed for sporty riders who also enjoy a comfortable ride. Available from spring 2023.

The stylish and at the same time very strong Travelmaster-E-Neo loves an adventurous ride. Cruising through the hills with a full load or bikepacking on sandy forest paths; with the E-Neo you are always safe in the saddle.

The perfect interaction between rider and technology: the motor measures with each pedal stroke how much extra energy you need and provides it swiflty. The stiff frame in combination with strong wheels (suitable for wide tires) gives you power and control. So you can fully enjoy the freedom of this dynamic E-Neo and push your limits.

Santos Travelmaster 3+ e-bikes GS Santos Travelmaster 3+ e-bikes GS

Battery hidden in the frame

You will not immediately notice that the Travelmaster-E-Neo is an E-bike as the battery is fully integrated into the frame. Although the pace and ease with which you cycle is certainly giving it away. The internal battery is both stylish and practical: it is better protected against external influences and provides an even more stable feeling. The battery is easy to remove for indoor charging but it’s not a must.

Neodrives achterwiel motor

Step-through or step-over?

Do you like the convenience and comfort of a low step-through? Or do you want to cycle with a full load and therefore opt for the sturdy construction of the step-over model? With the E-Neo, the choice is yours. This high-quality adventure bike comes in 7 sizes: 3 low step-through and 4 high step-over. Whatever you choose, the E-Neo always offers a comfortable seating position that will ensure many enjoyable kilometers.

Pinion versnellingsbak

Quiet rear wheel motor with energy recovery

The motor of the Santos Travelmaster-E-Neo is positioned directly in the rear wheel. This allows the battery to be recharged during downhill riding through so-called recuperation. Additionally, the motor is much quieter than a mid-motor and immediately provides the necessary extra power the moment you put pressure on the pedals. You will immediately notice it: no jerky motion or delayed response. The Neodrives motor stands for unparalleled natural and smooth riding behavior.

Neodrives grote accu Neodrives grote accu


With the Pinion gearbox, you have an extremely large range. You can shift quickly, even when you’re standing still. The transmission is located in the heart of the bike, around the bottom bracket. This low positioning contributes to its great riding characteristics. The gears are protected by a light metal casing, which prevents them from being affected by water and dirt. Combined with a Santos carbon belt, you have a low-maintenance and extremely durable drive.

Neodrives display

How far can you go?

The distance you can reach with this E-bike depends on a number of factors. If you're riding with a full load and facing strong headwinds up a steep hill, the range will be lower than if you're cycling to work on smooth asphalt. Fortunately, the E-Neo's battery has a large capacity, so you can go a long way. With the Neodrives App, you can even adjust the motor to maximize your range. And then there's the unique feature of energy recovery that recharges the battery when going downhill.

Neodrives bediening op het stuur

Also stable with a full load

The Travelmaster-E-Neo, like the non-electrified Travelmaster 3+, is ready for adventure. Its stiff aluminum frame and strong fork are suitable for a variety of front and rear carriers. It won’t budge when you ride over cobblestones at 25 km/h or encounter some tree roots. Not even if you have a five-bag setup.

Santos Travelmaster 3+ e-bikes GS Santos Travelmaster 3+ e-bikes GS

Front wheel easily removable

The Neodrives motor is at the heart of a strong short-spoke rear wheel. Thanks to the Santos quick release, the wheel can easily be taken in and out of the bike. So you can replace the tire yourself if necessary.

Would you like to know more about the new Travelmaster-E-Neo? Not all dealers have this E-bike in their store yet. So if you’re interested in a test ride, please contact us.

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