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Santos Ambulance Patrol Bike

Patrol Bike.

In a congested urban environment, every second counts

Santos Patrol Bike

Patrol Bike.

Clean, quiet and fast on site in car-free city centers

Santos Patrol Bike

As a market leader, we are extremely proud of the many hundreds of bike teams and their social impact. From arrests to medical assistance, every day the different bike teams ride on the Santos Patrol Bike.

This extremely strong Santos Patrol Bike is agile, efficient and takes riders quickly to calamities and emergencies. The Patrol Bike is custombuilt, low-maintenance, extremely durable and is being constantly developed.

By now there are many, many police bike teams in the European streets that ride the Santos Patrol Bike; especially in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

Santos, in addition, delivers the Patrol Bike directly to ambulance and enforcement services, municipalities, the Red Cross, first aid services, the Rescue Brigade and state forest management.

What are the main benefits?

  • Specially designed for intensive use

  • Extremely durable

  • A custombuilt and modular means of transport

  • E-bike ready

  • Over 20 years of experience

  • Low daily costs

  • Full service possible

Santos Bike Patrol in practice

Santos patrol bike Den treek henschoten

Den Treek-Henschoten is a centuries-old family estate where the family, the partnerships, and the community collectively demonstrate their commitment to the preservation and nurturing of this unique natural area in the heart of the Netherlands. This dedication deserves an appearance that does justice to the identity of the estate. Therefore, Landgoed Den Treek-Henschoten has chosen the elegant Santos Patrol Bike for estate management.

Santos patrol bike Ambulance first responder

Ambulance services are now also using the Santos Patrol Bikes, in addition to government institutions and NGOs. Car-free smart cities demand fast, quiet, and clean journeys for shaping the future. The quality and robustness of the Santos Patrol bike make it ideally suited for these movements, even when carrying heavy ambulance equipment.

Santos patrolbike Handhaving Rotterdam

In the vibrant Metropolitan Region of Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH), 23 municipalities are collaborating to elevate bicycle routes to new heights with a collective investment of 37.2 million euros. This joint effort aims to enhance a bicycle-friendly infrastructure and encourages greater bicycle usage, yielding benefits such as reduced congestion and an overall improvement in the region's quality of life. Rotterdam, a sustainability frontrunner for several years, continues to demonstrate its dedication to a green and sustainable future by proudly opting for the dependable Santos Patrol Bike, which symbolizes the city's commitment to a green and sustainable future.

Santos patrolbike Handhaving Leiden

Immerse yourself, on foot or by bike, in the historic key city where the art of printing flourished in the past. Explore the picturesque canals and wander through narrow streets. Leiden is committed to making cycling as attractive, safe, and comfortable as possible by creating safer bike routes. The city expects a growth of more than 40% in the number of cyclists. Particularly interesting is the joint effort of municipality Leiden and Santos Bikes, aimed at a safe and sustainable future.

Santos patrol bike street patrol

In The Hague, a city where politics and law meet, safety is not just priority, it’s a way o life. Equipped with extensive knowledge and specialized training, the enforcement team goes out on patrol every day for a safe city.

Santos patrol bike black

Santos stays involved

Santos stays involved with the Patrol Bikes. With our preventive maintenance program, we maintain the Patrol Bikes on location once or twice a year. This increases the uptime, reduces maintenance costs and extends the service life. The Santos preventive maintenance program is standard offered with the Patrol Bikes.

Santos patrol bike Natuurmonumenten

Our Dutch nature is an invaluable social asset. Therefore, Natuurmonumenten strives to connect people and organizations with the nature it protects. The managers monitor both the nature and the visitors who enjoy green recreation. To professionally manage these areas and improve interaction with visitors, Natuurmonumenten has opted for the Santos Patrol Bike in its own house style.

Santos patrol bike Red Cross

Disasters, conflicts, no roof over your head. The Red Cross, the largest aid organization in the world, helps the most vulnerable at home and abroad. For more human contact in busy cities, the Red Cross opts for the Santos Patrol Bike.

Santos bike patrol Rescue Brigade

The lifeguards of Noordwijk have known the dangers of the sea for more than 100 years; that's why they patrol on the beach version of the Santos Travelmaster 3+.

Santos bike patrol Ambulance

First Responders Biketeam
Ambulance Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Santos street patrol

Street Patrol
Municipality of Noordwijk

Santos Bike patrol for the Dutch police

Delivery of the new Santos Bike Patrol bikes for the Dutch police

Santos BIke Patrol bike for the Belgian police

Santos won the European tender for the police forces in Ghent and Antwerp

New Santos bike patrol bike for the Dutch police

Santos won the European tender for the Dutch police for the second time in a row

Santos Bike patrol for forest rangers

Santos Bike Patrol E-bike for Forest Rangers at the Dutch Wadden

Santos Bike for Street Patrol

Inner cities

Due to the increasingly car-free city centers, we see the different bike teams more and more riding on the Santos Patrol Bike in the European streets.

This development is part of the European “Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy” in which villages and cities create clean, green, car-free space to meet each other. This with the aim of being climate neutral by 2050.


The Patrol Bike is used intensively as a means of surveillance and transport, but also as a means of defense. The Patrol Bike has been specifically developed for this intensive use and can withstand a significant impact.

For more than 20 years the cooperation between the riders and the Patrol Bike has been optimized.

Santos Bike Patrol as a means of defence
Durable Rohloff hub and Gates belt on a Santos Bike Patrol Bike

Nature conservation

In addition to the long life of the Patrol Bike the clean and quiet movement in nature by bicycle is experienced as a great asset.

When monitoring nature, many miles are covered. Sometimes in rough areas and in all weather conditions; elements where the Patrol Bike feels wonderfully at home.

Medical assistance

Because we listen carefully, we can consider the specific wishes of the ambulance service during the construction of the Patrol Bike. The ambulance service is quickly on site for medical assistance with the Patrol Bike.

Especially in entertainment areas and at events, the Patrol Bike is the fastest means of transport; which saved many lives.

Santos Ambulance Bike in the Santos Factory
Santos E-bike for bike patrolling services

Outer areas & large regions

Support for longer surveillance distances can be built in, both ex works and at a later date. The powerful motor of this E-unit is designed for more than 60.000 miles of support.

Moreover, this E-unit can be reused by transferring the unit to a subsequent Santos Patrol Bike.

Over 20 years of experience

Winner of several consecutive European tenders: in the Netherlands and aboard.

Delivery of Santos Bike Patrol to the Dutch Police
Santos Bike Patrol Maintenance

Full service possible

Santos provides mobility. In addition to the Patrol Bike, we also offer all additional services. Such as preventive maintenance and on site repairs. This reduces downtime and unburdens the bikers.

We facilitate various training programs together with external partners. So that every rider feels completely comfortable with his Santos.

Interested in Santos Patrol Bike?

Please contact us by phone or WhatsApp. If you are in a distant location, we can schedule a video appointment. We then show you our frames, models, colors and accessories. Or visit us live. We are located just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam airport. We ship worldwide.

View the Medical Services brochure here.

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