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Exploring South America together

November 13 - Santos Rider Hera is back in the saddle. With her trusty Travelmaster 2.6, fully serviced for this new adventure. This time she is not traveling solo. She is accompanied by Paul from Santos! Wondering how this all came about? Go to her Santos story

New Santos rear carrier

November 2nd - A lightweight yet exceptionally sturdy rear carrier for all your daily adventures. Designed by Santos and made in Holland. Clever combination of high-quality CroMo steel for the rack itself and stainless steel for all attachment points. Compatible with all Santos bikes and many other brands. Available for immediate delivery from stock.
To the Santos ClassicRack

Moment of truth: from commuter to adventurer

October 19th – Young Belgian Toon Vandermeulen had dreamt for a while of traveling to a far-off destination by bike. He strongly believed he could do it, even though his only cycling experience had been commuting — no long distances. He hadn't camped a single day in his life. Toon took the plunge and set off with his newly purchased Travelmaster 2+ for an unknown destination in Asia. Did he stay afloat? Go to his Santos Story

Inspiration for a short cycling holiday?

August 18th – Six days off. Time for a mini break. Santos Rider Philine took the Thalys to Luxembourg and then cycled back to the Netherlands on her Cross Lite. By combining three official routes, she experienced a nice mix of hills and flat roads. Along the way, she discovered the hospitality of "Vrienden op de Fiets". Worth repeating? Go to her Santos Story

The highs and lows of cycling in Morocco

August 1 - Seasoned Santos Rider Bram just returned from a cycling adventure in Morocco where he faced the heat of the desert and the highs of the Atlas mountains. Beforehand he was anxious. His main goal was to stay safe and healthy so he rode slower, rested more and ate well. Instead of focusing on how far he could go, he wanted to make it an awesome experience. In this Santos Story, he lists his ups-and-downs. What were the unforgettable moments, and what were the challenges?
Check his top 10 lists to find out

Unexpected encounters in Bhutan

July 6 - In the enchanting land of Bhutan, the cycling adventure of Santos Rider Guido and his bike Ziggy take an unexpected turn. In this third story they venture into uncharted territory. After a challenging night by the riverbank, they find themselves unprepared for a formal meeting with the Prime Minister. But as fate would have it, a chance encounter with a caring local named Gangjung changes everything.
To their Santos Story

By Gravelbike from Portugal to the North Cape

June 1 - A three month adventure for firefighter and triathlete Serge. Together with his Gravelmaster. He sends us regular updates of this great adventure. Starting with his six highlights so far.
To his Santos Story

Cycling to new heights: conquering Peru's Great Divide

May 12 - Their GPS reads 4994 meters, marking the highest altitude they have reached so far on their trip. Cycling themselves up to almost 5,000 meters fills them with pride and happiness. Santos Rider Martin and Katja are on small dirt roads in the mountains of Peru, following a route known as the Peru Great Divide.
To their Santos Story

First impression of the Kingdom of the red toothed smiles

May 9 - Guido and his Santos, named Ziggy, were given an extraordinary opportunity to roam the pristine country of Bhutan for two weeks. They were granted permission, as personal guests to the prime minister, to travel the country without a mandatory guide, government-appointed hotels, sustainable development fees, or even a visa fee. The entrance provided to them was the first of its kind.
To their Santos Story

Bicycle touring as a path to personal growth: Kamran's insights

May 1 - Santos Rider Kamran is on a journey from the Middle East to Africa. He shares his stunning photographs and inner thoughts along the way. Join him as he reflects on the transformative power of bicycle touring. Read more

On a discovery trip through Bhutan

April 24 - The Bhutanese Prime Minister personally granted Santos Rider Guido permission to travel freely for two weeks through this South Asian country, sandwiched between India and China. A truly unique story! Read more

Do you have retainer rings on your Rohloff hub?

April 3 - There you are. In Mozambique. With your 13-year-old fully loaded Santos tandem. And a broken rear wheel... This was not the adventure you had in mind. A broken spoke or flat tire perhaps? It turns out to be worse: the flange of the Rohloff hub is broken at one of the spokes. The combined weight of riders, tandem, and baggage is almost 200 kg. Continuing to ride with 31 spokes is not an option. Read more

What made Guido and Ziggy decide to cycle to Bhutan?

March 30 - Santos Rider Guido resigned from his position as a sustainability policy advisor and decided to embark on a study trip to Bhutan, a country with a unique perspective on nature and climate conservation. In this story, Guido guides you through all the preparations he made before he and his Travelmaster Ziggy took off from the Dutch village of Oud Ade for the Kingdom of Bhutan, positioned on the borders of India and Tibet. Read more

Natuurmonumenten opts for Santos Patrol Bike

March 28 – Natuurmonumenten makes an effort to connect people and organizations with the nature it protects. The managers monitor both nature and visitors who enjoy green recreation. In order to manage these areas professionally and to improve the interaction with visitors, Natuurmonumenten has opted for the Santos Patrol Bike in its house style. Check out this Santos

The 12 core values of Santos

March 24 – Considering purchasing a Santos? Then you may be interested in a short overview of what Santos stands for. Read more

New version of the Santos Customizer

March 20 – Built for Santos dealers, but also available to anyone interested in a Santos bicycle. Here you will find an overview of (almost) all options and an indication of the purchase price. A Santos dealer will be happy to advise you further. To the Santos Customizer

Crossing Kyrgyzstan by bicycle

March 17 - Santos Riders Audrey and Eloy are on their way from the Netherlands to Singapore. After six months and 7000 km they have reached the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan. Their are sharing their inspirational story about the heartwarming hospitality and overwhelming nature here

New Santos E-bike!

3 March - We are introducing a new E-bike: the Travelmaster-E-Neo, designed for sporty riders who also enjoy a comfortable ride. Available from spring 2023. The stylish and at the same time very strong Travelmaster-E-Neo loves an adventurous ride. Cruising through the hills with a full load or bikepacking on sandy forest paths; with the E-Neo you are always safe in the saddle. Read more

Patrick's daring attempt at the Atlas Mountain Race

13 February – 59-year old Santos rider Patrick took up the challenge of the Atlas Mountain Race, a 1302 km single-stage cycling event that started in Marrakesh. The route followed gravel paths and forgotten colonial roads with limited support and long distances between resupply points. Find out what this grueling endurace race was like and how Patrick pushed through its challenges. Read more

Visit our stand in Belgium or the Netherlands

6 February – On February 18 and 19 we will be at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Ghent (Belgium). Meet our Santos cargo bike and the new Travelmaster-E-Neo available with low step-through and high step-over options. We are also showing travel bikes in brand new Santos colors. The weekend after, we will be at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht (Netherlands). There you can test ride more than 30 different Santos bikes inclusing our new cargo bike! We look forward to welcoming you on our stand.


Follow Kamran on his trip to Africa

25 November – Santos Rider Kamran is both a long distance cyclist as well as an outstanding photographer accredited by many including National Geographic. So far, he has covered 50.000 km across 43 countries on four continents. In two weeks, Kamran will depart for the Middle East and Africa! Can you help him by connecting with your friends along the route? Kamran would love to meet them. Have you cycled there too? Please leave a comment on his Instagram with your recommendations and things to do.

Save the date!

27 October – Come and see us in 2023! From 20 to 22 January we will be present at Velofollies in Kortrijk, Belgium. This is the largest bicycle trade fair in the Benelux. The weekend of 18 and 19 February we will be at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Ghent, Belgium. And from 24 to 26 February you can find us at the Fiets en Wandelbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We will bring lots of test bikes so feel free to take them for a spin.

An incredible experience on Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni

21 October – Santos Riders Martin and Katja have reached Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat in southwestern Bolivia. Not only did they take some amazing pictures but they also met up with a friend. Quite an achievement on a more than 10.000 square km desert landscape of bright white salt. Read more

Santos Rider in extreme bicepacking race

19 August – Big respect for 59-year old Santos Rider Patrick! He is currently competing in The Silk Road Mountain Race, one of the toughest bikepacking races ever. One third of the participants have now scratched from the race due to extreme weather conditions, fatigue and stomach issues. Patrick got through Checkpoint 1 but is now fighting to get to Checkpoint 2 on time. All about his gear

No road without at least one obstacle

4 juli – Dutch couple Audrey and Eloy have been together for more than 13 years. Not always in the same country though. While Eloy was doing an apprenticeship in South Africa, Audrey was studying in South America. They settled down in Antwerp where Eloy worked as a software consultant and Audrey as a family doctor. Now they have decided to leave everything behind and go on a new adventure, together! Want to find out where they are? read more

Ever been surprised by the weather gods?

16 May – This has already happened several times to Santos Riders Martin and Katja. They left the Argentine headwinds behind and continued their journey through the stunning Chilean landscape. They soon found out why this is so beautifully green... Check out their story

How to make the most of your weekend?

29 April – Turn it into a mini holiday. Santos Rider Philine packed her tent, sleeping bag and took off. Her first bikepacking trip this year! Check out her story

A suspension stem for your Santos fork

11 April – Best of both worlds! A Santos rigid fork combined with a Vecnum suspension stem. Up to 75% less vibrations and impacts. You will ride more comfortable, faster and safer on cobblestones, gravel roads and singletrails. Check it out on our Instagram or contact a Santos dealer.

Our showroom is open again!

8 April – You are most welcome in our factory just outside Amsterdam, every Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Please note that we work by appointment only to give you our undivided attention. In two hours we will tell you all about Santos and assist you in making the many choices. There are also more than 120 test bikes for you to try. Contact us for an appointment.

Highs and lows in Tenerife

4 April – Santos Rider Maud took a sabbatical in 2019. She subsequently cycled from the Netherlands to Albania in three months. When she got home, it felt like a new beginning. She has just returned from the Canary Islands. To conquer the 3715 meter high El Teide with her Travelmaster 3+ was at the top of her list. Read more

Just married and ready for the big adventure!

21 March – Belgian Santos Riders Tom and Sarah set out for the Middle East on September 13 with their brand new Travelmasters. A truly special honeymoon that lasted six months. They covered 6801.9 km, visited 12 countries and had 2 flat tyres. Go to their their Instagram profile

The first 1000 km are a fact!

28 February – Headwinds in Patagonia. Can you still cycle or is pushing your bike the only option? Experience it with Santos Riders Martin and Katja. Go to their latest Santos story

Join us on Strava?

12 February – Santos is now also active on Strava. Join this group to meet other Santos riders in your area. Share your rides or give kudos to great performances. Strava

Now at the start in Argentina!
28 january – Santos Riders Martin and Katja decided to drastically change their lives and embark on a big cycling adventure: 25.000 km in 20 months. It has taken them almost a year to prepare. Now the big moment is finally here! They have quit their jobs and flown from their home in Denmark to the starting point in Argentina.
Read more

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