• Travelmaster 3+.

    A world bike, suitable for home too


The Travelmaster 3+ is thé bike to take anywhere; on your holiday, around the world, or any adventure. You'll end up on beautiful unpaved tracks in France, ride between gigantic rocks in Norway or push your bike over bumps on a sandy path in South America. Your days are full of excitement and satisfaction, filled with an immense sense of freedom.

Extending the possibilities, that was the goal. We evolved our Travelmaster into a versatile all-rounder and named it Travelmaster 3+. Strong and stable, as you may expect from all our Travelmasters and more comfortable than ever.

This bike gives a lot of grip in rough terrain, rolls smoothly over every obstacle and is strong, strong as a rock. Its 27.5 inch wheels with wide rims make you feel super confident on an unpaved descend.

Once at home, your adventure turns into a commute, a ride to the supermarket or through town. The Travelmaster 3+ easily transforms into a fast commuter and low maintenance companion. No need to choose anything else, the Travelmaster 3+ has it all.

"One of the best all rounders on the market."

Bike & Trekking, October 2016

Wórld bike

Super strong and stable

Strong and
stable frame
Lots of luggage, rear rack and lowrider possible
Super strong Santos XL touring wheels
Gents- ánd mixte frame availabe

Safely downhill, full of confidence

Strong and stable frame

The Travelmaster 3+ follows without hesitation. Even during super fast downhills on paved roads or unpaved mountain tracks it feels very reliable. It has a super strong frame, a steel front fork and exceedingly strong wheels, which make swaying impossible.

A crazy amount of luggage

Stable riding behaviour, even with a lot of luggage

You can fit the Travelmaster 3+ with more than 40 kg of luggage, divided over 5 bags. For example, choose a Santos AdventureRack rear rack (25 kg*) and a Tubus lowrider (15kg). The strong, stiff frame and the steel front fork ride effortless over cobblestones and tree-roots. The fat tires give you lots of comfort.

*The AdventureRack is suitable for at least 25kg. The carrier is not suitable for child's seats.



Beautifully streamlined and ultra strong rear bicycle rack. Designed by Santos and made in Holland. Clever combination of high-quality CroMo steel for the rack itself and stainless steel for all attachment points and the lower bag hanging bar.

*The AdventureRack is suitable for at least 25kg. The carrier is not suitable for child's seats.

Strong wheels

Santos wheels can withstand it all.

Wheels are very important. They have a lot to endure and are difficult to repair while traveling. All the more reason to make our wheels strong, very strong. How?

Santos Hold-it-All

One size fits all.

From a regular bike bottle up to a large PET bottle. The name says it all; you can stash anything with the Santos Hold-it-All. Thousands of Santos riders use this unique Santos Only accessory on their journeys around the world.

Comfortable and strong

Santos XL touring wheels

The Travelmaster 3+ the special Santos XL touring wheels, suitable for heavy duty purposes! They are handmade, have extra wide rims and 36 spokes. This ensures maximum stability. Sealed nipples make these touring wheels indestructable and ready for any tour.

Its frame is suitable for two wheelsizes!
The 28 inch rims will fit tires from 42 to 55 mm and the 27.5 inch rims can easily fit 62 mm tires. Choose what suits you best, just keep pedalling and enjoy the view. Your tires will do the work. Super comfortable.


Low top tube possible

Ladies and mixte versions available

The Travelmaster 3+ is available in 7 gents and 5 mixte* sizes. The mixte frame has a low top tube and space for three bottle cages ánd the Santos Hold-it-All. The geometry of the mixte frame is aimed to maintain the stable riding characteristics, that the Travelmaster 3+ is praised for.

* The mixte frame is available with Rohloff hub or derailleur.

Powerful hydraulic brakes

With fixed dropouts

The Travelmaster 3+ is compatible with two hydraulic brake systems.
Choose the powerful disc brakes or the reliable Magura rim brakes. Choose what suits you best.

Powerful hydraulic
disc brakes
Reliable hydraulic
rim brakes

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes

A lot of braking power

The strongest brakes with the most powerful braking power. Ready for long downhills. Choose Shimano XT disc brakes with long handles; very comfortable. Depending on your goal, we offer different types of discs. For XT we offer 180 and 203 mm discs, for Hope we have the Tech3 V4 model of 203 mm. Choose what suits you best.


Reliable hydraulic rim brakes

Evenly distributed braking power

The hydraulic rim brakes by Magura are robust and durable. They brake firmly and directly and are easy to dose. With the control wheel attached to the brake lever you can easily adjust the braking power; either more aggressively or with a more friendly stroke. Changing brake pads is a piece of cake: no tools are needed and it's done within 5 minutes.

Santos mounting booster

Brakebooster and mounting plate in one

The Santos 2 in 1 mounting booster is the only booster with which you can mount the reliable, hydraulic Magura brakes on a 27.5 inch wheel with 62mm tires and fenders. It's super light-weight and ensures more braking power. It's a brakebooster and mounting plate in one. Made of aluminum, so it does not rust. Good to know: it's easy to change and easy to use.

Double brake insert

Suitable for two wheel sizes

The Travelmaster 3+ is suitable for two wheel sizes. Choose the comfortable 27.5 inch wheels with 62 mm tires or take the 28 inch ones with tires between 42 and 55 mm.

The two wheel sizes are suitable for both disc brakes ánd rim brakes. We designed a clean, double brake insert, that perfectly fits for 27.5 and 28 inch rims


Two wheel sizes

28 inch
42-55 mm tires
27,5 inch
tot 62 mm tires

Santos XL touring wheels

The Travelmaster 3+ has the special Santos XL touring wheels, suitable for heavy duty purposes! They are handmade, have extra wide rims and 36 spokes. This ensures maximum stability. Even fully loaded and equipped with wide tires, this bike feels very reliable in every curve. The frame of the Travelmaster 3+ is suitable for two wheel sizes. You either choose the 27.5 or the 28 inch XL touring wheels. Choose what suits you best.

Fast and easy

28 inch, 42 - 55 mm tires

The Travelmaster 3+ comes with 28 inch wheels and 50 mm tires. With this combination you have an easy ride to work or riding the paved roads on your holiday. Do you have any specific requests? Then you might be better off with a different tire size.

The Travelmaster 3+ is suitable for 28 inch wheels with tires from 42 to 55 mm. There's something for everyone.

Extra strong and comfortable

27.5 inch, 62 mm tires

The Travelmaster 3+ supports two wheel sizes. Apart from the 28 inch wheels you can opt for the 27.5 inch wheels with 62 mm tires. The extra fat tires make your ride super comfortable and the shorter spokes make the wheels extra strong.

Above all, a fat tire handles obstacles more easily on your offroad ride. So relax, enjoy the views, your tires will do the rest!


Air pressure makes a huge difference while using the 27.5 inch wheels with 62 mm tires. If speed is your main goal, you are better off with more pressure. During slower travels with luggage comfort has more priority. In general we recommend a tire pressure between 1.7 and 2.7 bar, depending on your weight, your luggage and your goal.

Durable transmission

Riding a lot, barely any maintenance

Two types of drives are possible on the Travelmaster 3+; Pinion and Rohloff.
Choose what suits you best.

Rohloff hub
Pinion gear box
12 or 18 speed
Santos belt drive

Care-free riding, little maintenance

Reliable Rohloff hub

Do you prefer to ride a lot of care-free kilometers? Choose the reliable and user friendly internal Rohloff gear hub with Santos belt drive. It transforms your Travelmaster 3+ into a low-maintenance and super strong travel partner.

The Rohloff hub has 14 gears and is available in 6 colors.


12 or 18 gears

Low Maintenance Pinion gear system

You can also opt for the Pinion gear system. This type of transmission will be supplied with belt drive, which makes it a super durable and low maintenance combination. By default we mount the Pinion gear box with 12 gears, but 18 speed is also an option.

The Pinion box with 18 gears is available in 6 colors, choose the one that matches your bike.


Super stiff and more precise

Strenghtened Pinion bridge

For a durable transmission system a more precise Pinion fitting is of great importance. Therefore the Pinion frame of the Travelmaster 3+ has a strenghtened Pinion bridge, which ensures the (belt) drive to be silent and durable. You will also notice this when riding the bike; efficiency with every pedal stroke.


Gates beltdrive and Santos belt tensioner

Durable Santos beltdrive

With the right belt and sprockets the bike's drive system is super durable. For all its models Santos chooses the best parts and has developed its own belt tensioner. This tiny wheel for the Pinion box keeps the belt tensioned and is located near the bracket. This makes the system super user friendly; removing the rear wheel can be done in an instant.

The Travelmaster 3+ has this durable Santos belt drive. This means fixed dropouts (thus the certainty of a straight rear wheel), Gates belt drive and the Santos belt tensioner. It's the ultimate system for a lót of silent kilometers.


Santos dropout system

Convenient dropout system

The rear dropout on our Travelmaster 3+ is also suitable for derailleur. With this non-fixed derailleur part you can easily switch to another transmission system. The Travelmaster 3+ suits your wishes now and those of the future.

In need of help? No worries!

Standardized parts, available all over the world

Interchangeable parts, anywhere in the world

Every now and then we all break something. Whether that happens through an accident or on a plane, in Spain or Mexico; no need to worry. The Travelmaster 3+ is equiped with convenient details.

For instance, we mount the Hydraulic Magura rim brakes on standardized cantilever inserts. These fit the commen V-brakes too. And cables are guided outside the frame to make replacing the brakes easy for you.

The headset and the quick releases have a standard size, the square bottom bracket with BSA thread is available anywhere in the world.

Furthermore, we kept as many screw threads outside the frame. Such as the attachment of the kickstand, the bracket case, the split part for your belt and the disc brakes. In case you accidentaly tighten a bolt too hard, you only have to replace that particular part and your frame is still intact.

Last but not least, the Travelmaster 3+ fits both the 27.5 and the 28 inch wheels.

Santos Only

SON SL, modular cable guides, many colors...

SON SL light set

Plugless dynamo hub

In case you opt for the SON light set, you get a beautiful headlight with a wide, clear beam. This is a distinctive feature of the SON headlights. The connection to the hub is plugless, which makes it very easy to take out the wheel.
We mount the headlight on a Santos headlight bracket, this provides a clear, straight beam above your front wheel.

The SON headlights are available in 6 colors, just like the corresponding SON dynamo hub and rear light.


Travel bikes with power

E-bike ready

The Travelmaster 3+ is designed with the future in mind. It is E-bike ready. This means the bike can be transformed into an E-bike whenever you wish to do so. A powerful feature, extremely flexible.

The Travelmaster 3+ E-bike has a strong motor and a big battery for a large radius of action. We chose a modular system, to be flexible, now and later.

Modular and clean

Santos cable guides

Santos developed modular cable guides for the Travelmaster 3+. The cables run along your frame perfectly, without superfluous inserts. No matter how you customize the bike.


Color your world

Juicy Santos colors

Your Santos in your own color; choose from more than 50 frame colors, 14 letter colors and match your SON lights, Rohloff hub and/or Pinion box.


For everyone a unique bike

Which frame do you need?

Your wishes and needs determine the frame of your choice. Do you expect to bring a lot of luggage? Do you prefer paved roads, single tracks or both? Santos offers a suitable frame for every purpose.

By the way, your frame is available in more than 50 colors!


Choose the kind of gear system you like. We offer the unique possibility to choose from various gear systems; opt for the reliable Rohloff hub or the low maintenance Pinion gear box.

Both Rohloff and Pinion can be selected with Gates belt or chain.


The finishing touch; handlebars, saddle, tires, rims, fenders, brakes, lights, front fork, grips, carriers ánd color! It's completely up to you; you decide íf you need it and what exactly you prefer. The result: your unique Santos.


All sizes at a single glance

Geometry Travelmaster 3+
All sizes are in millimeters, unless mentioned otherwise.
Tip: testing says more than just numbers.

Gents Rohloff
Size Seat tube length Top tube length Stand over height Head tube height Head tube - Dropout Stack Reach
45 cm 450 570 717 883 582 608 384
49 cm 490 580 742 892 592 617 391
53 cm 530 590 811 904 602 624 399
57 cm 570 600 841 923 622 643 403
61 cm 610 610 868 942 642 662 408
65 cm 650 620 896 960 662 680 412
70 cm 700 635 927 979 682 699 421

Gents Pinion

Size Seat tube length Top tube length Stand over height Head tube height Head tube - Dropout Stack Reach
45 cm 450 570 709 888 582 600 387
49 cm 490 580 755 897 592 609 394
53 cm 530 590 820 909 602 617 401
57 cm 570 600 850 928 622 636 406
61 cm 610 610 877 947 642 655 410
65 cm 650 620 904 965 662 673 414
70 cm 700 635 936 984 682 692 423

Mixte Rohloff

Size Seat tube length Top tube length Stand over height Head tube height Head tube - Dropout Stack Reach
45 cm 450 575 688 897 602 627 383
49 cm 490 580 688 897 602 627 388
53 cm 530 585 727 918 623 643 388
57 cm 570 595 740 937 642 662 393
61 cm 610 605 754 955 662 788 397

* Measured with Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27,5 inch 62mm (= almost the same as with Schwalbe Almotion 28 inch 50mm)


Experts experiences

Comparable models

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A good bike suits you perfectly

Is the Travelmaster 3+ suitable for you?

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Also available as E-bike

Would you like tail winds under any circumstances? Now you can! This bike is also available as E-Bike.

Not ready yet for an E-bike, but would you like to keep the option open for the future? No problem! This bike is E-bike ready, which means you can always electrify your bike later.

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