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  • This is bikepacking.

An endless cycling adventure in search of the most beautiful places on earth. On the other side of the globe or just around the corner. Sleep under the stars with everything you need attached to your bike.

Chasing freedom with Gunther Desmedt


Our Santos Hero Gunther Desmedt (Belgium) is a true bikepacking legend. He is a regular at major international bikepacking races like Tour Divide, Arizona & Colorado Trail, TransContinental Race and did 2300 off-road kilometers during his Race to the Rock participation in Australia.

"Take some good clothes, make a small plan, don't be too ambitious, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and just go."


Gunthers weapon of choice...

Santos Cross Lite

He packs light, takes only the essentials. Food and drinks to reach the next stop, a couple of energy bars for extra power. His bike is ready to go wherever he wants to go. Either for a weekend trip, microadventure or an extreme race on the other side of the world. It’s about the challenge, longing for adventure and chasing freedom.

Santos Cross Lite Bike packing

Stiff & efficient frame

Maximum possibilities for minimal packing

When Gunther started bikepacking a decade ago, no framebags were available in Europe yet. So he asked a friend to make one for him. Nowadays he attaches different bags to his clean and stiff Cross Lite frame which has enough space for frame-bags, water bottles, our Santos Hold-it-All and different stuff sacks. You can pack the Cross Lite the way you like, it feels efficient with every pedal stroke.


Santos Cross Lite bike packing frame
Rohloff hub

Nearly indestructable

Low maintenance gear system

Gunther's Cross Lite comes with a Rohloff Speedhub. This nearly indestructable hub has an internal gearing system with 14 gears. Ideal for those muddy roads and rocky mountains (and open roads, and sand, and dirt, and snow...).

Oh, and did you know that Rohloff is compatible with the Sram Double Tap race shifters?


Good match

Dropbar, raceshifters & internal gear hub

Shifting like racers do with all the benefits of an internal gear hub; the Sram Double Tab shifters are a perfect match for the Cross Lite!

Tip: You can also choose for TRP race brakes in combination with the Comotion turn-shifter if that's more your style.

Belt drive

Durable Gates Belt Drive

Belt drive à la Santos

Santos is the very first adaptor of the Gates Belt Drive system with speedhub and we strongly believe in its use for your next bikepacking adventure.

Belt drive à la Santos is durable and reliable in all circumstances with barely any maintenance. The secret? A stiff and dedicated frame design, Santos Only components, such as the Santos Split Part and Eccenter Bracket ánd a good dose of devotion.


Handmade wheels with 35 - 60 mm tires

Because you never know where you'll end up

Whether you go for an on- or off-road trip, Santos handmade wheels and a good pair of tires are a must. Choose tires between 35mm up to 60mm for bumpy off road tracks. The Cross Lite has enough clearance to house some mud in there as well..

Schwalbe tires
Disc brakes

Strong and reliable

Hydraulic disc brakes

Strong and reliable hydraulic disc brakes are always welcome when exploring rough tracks.

Santos Cross Lite Bike packing on gravel road

Choose your bikepacking bike

The Cross Lite or one of its buddies?

The right bike is the one that fits your plans. So tell us! Will it be a short weekend trip or race around the world? On- or offroad? Do you carry a tent and cooking stuff? Do you prefer a comfortable suspension fork or clean stable carbon one?

You need the answers to those questions to choose the right Santos frame/platform for your purpose. Need advice? We are here to help you.


  • Santos Cross Lite orange

    Cross Lite

  • Santos Race Lite bike packing

    Race Lite

  • Santos 4.29 mountainbike bike packing


  • Travelmaster 3+ bikepacking

    Travelmaster 3+

Santos Cross Lite

Cross Lite

Our Cross Lite bike enables a perfect platform to build a beast of a Bikepacking bike. It has enough clearance for big wheels (and mud...) and various options that suit your style.

Santos 4.29 Mountainbike


If you are up to off-road hike-bike trips, the 4.29 is your bike. Light, strong and made for those muddy and rocky conditions.

Santos Race Lite

Race Lite

Our Race Lite bike is light, fast and maintenance friendly. The ideal bike for endurance races like the Trans Continental Race.

Customize your next adventure

Choose and refine

ZAs soon as you have chosen the right frame, it's time to customize! Do you want a dropbar or straight handlebar? Race- or turn-shifters? Head/rearlight and dynamo hub? All our bikes are Custombuilt. The platform, as how we see the frame, gives you a world of possibilities. We would love to help you find your best configuration. For any advice, testriding or just a sneak peak, please call, email or visit one of our dealers. You can also make an oppointment at our factory.

Choose a comfortable position

Dropbar or straight?

Do you prefer a dropbar or a straight one? Make sure you choose the right handlebar, as your riding position can either make or break your trip... (How? Just test at one of our dealers!)

A dropbar gives you the opportunity to fit a bikepacking handlebar bag and has multiple riding positions. A straight handlebar on the other hand has other options for brakelevers and gives the bike a complete different look.

Comotion turn-shifter or Sram Double Tab

Race- or turn-shifter(s)?

Either choose the Comotion turn-shifter for your Rohloff hub or opt for the Sram Double Tap race shifters. We can easily fit them on your drop bar.

SON dynamo hub and lighting set

A guiding light, a charging hub

The SON dynamo with front- and backlight is our favourite pick regarding lights. It also has possibilities for an USB hub to charge any of your electronic devices.


Front fork

Carbon, steel or with suspension

Both the Cross Lite and the 4.29 have the option for a suspension fork. Beside that, you can either choose for a light and fast carbon fork or heavy duty steel one. The choice is yours...

The finishing touch of comfort

A perfect fit for your sitbones

Whether you prefer a hard cambium saddle or a softer gel one; the finishing touch of comfort is for you to choose. Santos offers a wide range of saddles in various widths and softnesses. You can test them all at one of our dealers.

Santos Lite- or AdventureRack carrier

More to carry?

It might not be real bikepacking style, but leaving half of your essential stuff at home isn't cool either. So if needed, you can either mount the almost-invisible Santos Lite carrier or heavy duty Santos AdventureRack on one of our bikepacking bikes.

Oh and how about fenders?


Color your world

Santos colors

Your Santos in your own color; choose from more than 50 frame colors, 14 letter colors and match your SON lights, Rohloff hub and/or Pinion box.



For everyone a unique bike

Which frame do you need?

Your wishes and needs determine the frame of your choice. Do you expect to bring a lot of luggage? Do you prefer paved roads, single tracks or both? Santos offers a suitable frame for every purpose.

By the way, your frame is available in more than 50 colors!


Choose the kind of gear system you like. We offer the unique possibility to choose from various gear systems; opt for the reliable Rohloff hub, the low maintenance Pinion gear box or an affordable derailleur system.

Both Rohloff and Pinion can be selected with Gates belt or chain.


The finishing touch; handlebars, saddle, tires, rims, fenders, brakes, lights, front fork, grips, carriers ánd color! It's completely up to you; you decide íf you need it and what exactly you prefer. The result: your unique Santos.

Ready to test?

Take a test drive at one of our dealers

Our dealers are ready to help you. Make sure you get the answers to all your questions and take a good test drive. Check our dealer page for all addresses. You can also contact Santos itself to make an appointment in our showroom and the factory.

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Tel: +31 (0) 252 426 123
WhatsApp: +31 (0)252 823 291

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