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Strong Santos PX covers

For your PX E-bike

Especially for the Santos PX system, Santos has developed strong neoprene covers. They fit perfectly on the various Pendix parts, each serving a different purpose.

Santos PX Pendix battery cover

Santos PX battery cover

For a longer range in cold weather

Did you know that a battery loses capacity more quickly at low temperatures? The extra thick, neoprene Santos battery cover protects the battery from the cold, so that its range is prolonged.

Santos recommends to use this cover for temperatures < -10° C.

Please don't forget to take the battery inside when you're done with your ride, so you can be sure it stays in perfect condition.

Available at all Santos dealers.

Santos PX Pendix covers

Santos PX covers

All covers at a glance

The PX battery cover is available in two sizes, for the 330Wh battery and the 500Wh battery.

Santos PX Pendix protective cover

Santos PX protective cover

Protection against dirt and dust

With this cover you can protect the magnetic contact points of your PX holder in a sustainable way.

Use the neoprene cover while cycling without a battery or when your Santos is waiting for the next ride.

The PX protective cover comes standard with every new Santos PX bicycle.

Santos PX Pendix transport sleeve

Santos PX transport sleeve

Well protected during the journey

The direct-drive drive of Santos PX bikes is a closed system that is already well protected from dust and dirt.

Do you want extra protection against damage during transportation? Then the Santos PX transport cover is well suited.

It is made of neoprene, strong and durable.

Available at all

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