Travelmaster 3+

A world bike, suitable for home too.

Strong and stable as you may expect from our Travelmasters, more comfortable than ever. Choose 27.5 inch wheels with tires up 62 mm or 28 inch wheels with 42 - 55 mm tires. The Travelmaster 3+ is ready for adventure!

Travelmaster 2.9

The most versatile heavy-duty trekking bike. Big wheels and wide tyres for comfort and perfect road holding.

Travelmaster 2.8

The 28 inch bike is develloped for the fast, fanatic tarmac eater. He loves covering miles on paved road, but does not mind an off road track once in a while.

Travelmaster 2.6

Over 10 years the 26 inch wheel bike has been one of the most popular world tourer. Reliable and strong with a comfortable steel front fork.

Travelmaster Series

With all your luggage around the world


With a Travelmaster bicycle you'll travel around the world without any problems. They are strong, stable and have been proven to be reliable. They come with a steel front fork and standardized parts that have worldwide availability.

They won't leave you hanging, not even when you are about 583 kilometers away from the nearest bicycle mechanic.


  • Heavy duty touring bikes
  • Mules
  • Functional
  • For extreme circumstances
  • Stiff! No swaying.
  • Common parts
  • Indestructable
  • Made for long distances
  • World bikes!


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All features at a single glance

    Travelmaster 3+
Travelmaster 2.9
Travelmaster 2.8
Travelmaster 2.6
Gewicht Amount of luggage WeightWeightWeight WeightWeightWeight WeightWeightWeight WeightWeightWeight
  Front rack
Rohloff Rohloff
Pinion Pinion
Derailleur Derailleur
E-bike ready E-bike Ready
Riemaandrijving Belt
Velgrem Rim brakes
Schijfremmen Disc brakes
Other features        
Light vs stable Licht stabiel Licht stabiel Licht stabiel Licht stabiel
Typisch Santos iconen 57 Ladies frame
  Suspension fork
PLUS concept PLUS-concept
Sterke wielen Strong wheels
Custombuilt Custombuilt
Santos kleuren Choose your color
Santos Bikes Sizes 7 sizes 6 sizes 9 sizes 7 sizes

Travelmaster 3+ Travelmaster 2.9 Travelmaster 2.8 Travelmaster 2.6


For everyone a unique bike

Which frame do you need?

Your wishes and needs determine the frame of your choice. Do you expect to bring a lot of luggage? Do you prefer paved roads, single tracks or both? Santos offers a suitable frame for every purpose.

By the way, your frame is available in more than 50 colors!


Choose the kind of gear system you like. We offer the unique possibility to choose from various gear systems; opt for the reliable Rohloff hub, the low maintenance Pinion gear box or an affordable derailleur system.

Both Rohloff and Pinion can be selected with Gates belt or chain.


The finishing touch; handlebars, saddle, tires, rims, fenders, brakes, lights, front fork, grips, carriers ánd color! It's completely up to you; you decide íf you need it and what exactly you prefer. The result: your unique Santos.

Santos colors

Your Santos in your own color

Our Rohloff hub and SON lights are available in 6 colors, as well as the Pinion gear system.
We have more than 50 frame colors and 14 letter colors for you to choose from.


Rohloff kleuren 2
pinion kleuren

son kleuren 1


Space Grey




Deep Yellow

Fern Green

Brilliant Blue

Rose Metallic

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2153 PL Nieuw-Vennep
+31 (0) 252 426 123

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