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a logo wit oranje  About Santos

Santos is an independent Dutch bicycle brand with a big passion for cycling, a great love for quality and an innovative Research and Development department. It was founded in 1997 by bicycle enthusiast Robbert Rutgrink.

Our aim is to build the best possible bike for every cyclist. The right frame for your posture, the best transmission for your requirements and the option to customize all bicycle parts according to your taste.

Every Santos contains Santos Only parts, specially designed by us for the ultimate cycling experience. Sometimes prominent, sometimes barely visible. But always there to enhance the versatility, modularity and durability of your bike.

All Santos bicycles are custombuilt at our factory just outside Amsterdam and can be shipped worldwide.

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Latest Santos news

  • Cycling to new heights: conquering Peru's Great Divide
    May 12 - Their GPS reads 4994 meters, marking the highest altitude they have reached so far on their trip. Cycling themselves up to almost 5,000 meters fills them with pride and happiness. Santos Rider Martin and Katja are on small dirt roads in the mountains of Peru, following a route known as the Peru Great Divide.
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  • First impression of the Kingdom of the red toothed smiles
    May 9 - Guido and his Santos, named Ziggy, were given an extraordinary opportunity to roam the pristine country of Bhutan for two weeks. They were granted permission, as personal guests to the prime minister, to travel the country without a mandatory guide, government-appointed hotels, sustainable development fees, or even a visa fee. The entrance provided to them was the first of its kind.
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  • Bicycle touring as a path to personal growth: Kamran's insights
    May 1 - Santos Rider Kamran is on a journey from the Middle East to Africa. He shares his stunning photographs and inner thoughts along the way. Join him as he reflects on the transformative power of bicycle touring.
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  • Do you have retainer rings on your Rohloff hub?
    April 3 - There you are. In Mozambique. With your 13-year-old fully loaded Santos tandem. And a broken rear wheel... This was not the adventure you had in mind. A broken spoke or flat tire perhaps? It turns out to be worse: the flange of the Rohloff hub is broken at one of the spokes. The combined weight of riders, tandem, and baggage is almost 200 kg. Continuing to ride with 31 spokes is not an option. Read more

  • Natuurmonumenten opts for Santos Patrol Bike
    March 28 – Natuurmonumenten makes an effort to connect people and organizations with the nature it protects. The managers monitor both nature and visitors who enjoy green recreation. In order to manage these areas professionally and to improve the interaction with visitors, Natuurmonumenten has opted for the Santos Patrol Bike in its house style. Check out this Santos

  • The 12 core values of Santos
    March 24 – Considering purchasing a Santos? Then you may be interested in a short overview of what Santos stands for. Read more

The Santos Factory

Santos is based in Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands. Our showroom is open on Friday from 10am to 4pm. Please note that we work by appointment only. In two hours we will tell you all about Santos and assist you in making the many choices. There are also more than 120 test bikes for you to try.

You can also visit us online. Via our iPad, we can "walk" you through our premises and show you frames, models, colours and accessories. Tailored to your specific needs, as you are used to from us. Also saves the necessary travel time.

Call or mail us for an appointment

Where to find a Santos dealer

Our dealer network is mainly based in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, there are dealers in Munich (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), London (UK) and Australia.

No Santos dealer in your area?

If you cannot find a dealer near you, please feel free to contact Santos directly for more information.There are several options to accommodate you.

Schillingweg 41
2153 PL Nieuw-Vennep
Tel: +31 (0) 252 426 123
WhatsApp: +31 (0)252 823 291

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