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  • Santos 4.29 mountainbike

    Santos 4.29.

    Multifunctional adventure bike

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Santos 4.29 adventure bike

The Santos 4.29 is specially designed for bikers who love muddy grounds. And for bikepackers who like to get off the beaten track. It is light, fast and suitable for carrying lots of stuff. Equipped with the right carriers, you can easily take 25 kilos of luggage. A truly multifunctional adventure bike!

We have made the 4.29 very robust. Especially the versions with Rohloff or Pinion with belt drive are super strong and durable. With this set-up you can easily take muddy paths and collect dust all year round without having to renew your drive system.

No matter how tough the circumstances, the 4.29 is always ready to go. If you also opt for the hydraulic Magura Firmtech rim brakes, then you have the most low-maintenance mountain bike in the world.

Pictures provided by our Santos community

Easy to clean

Have fun on muddy paths and sandy hills. In all weather conditions. The Rohloff hub with internal gears and Gates carbon belt drive ensure that you only have to gently hose down the 4.29 afterwards.

Or even put it away with mud and all, no problem.

From beach racer to marathon bike

Enjoy mountain biking in the winter and a cycling holiday in the summer, possibly with fast racing tires. Or fit wide tires (2.35/60mm tires will fit easily) and you can bike straight onto the beach.

You don't need two or three different bikes. One bike fits all!

Lots of luggage

The 4.29 is light yet strong. You can take it with you on your next bikepacking adventure. An exciting off-road trip with your luggage strapped to the frame.

With a AdventureRack luggage carrier and a fixed steel fork with lowrider you can turn it into a serious adventure bike and conquer the world!

Brakes that suit you

The only 29er mountain bike in the world with Magura FIRMtech rim brakes.

For speed demons who want enjoy fast downhills, the 4.29 is also available with disc brakes.

Choice of different gear systems

Rohloff speedhub

Care-free riding, little maintenance

Reliable Rohloff hub

Want to ride many care-free kilometers? Then opt for the reliable and user friendly internal Rohloff gear hub with Santos belt drive. It transforms your 4.29 into a low-maintenance and super strong travel partner.

Pinion gearbox

12 or 18 gears

Low maintenance Pinion gearbox

You can also choose the Pinion gear system. This type of transmission will be supplied with belt drive, which makes it a super durable and low maintenance combination. By default we mount the Pinion gear box with 12 gears, but 18 speed is also an option.

Santos PX pendix battery

Travel bikes with power

E-bike ready

The 4.29 is designed with the future in mind. It is E-bike ready. This means the bike can be transformed into an E-bike whenever you wish to do so. A powerful feature, extremely flexible.

The 4.29 E-bike has a strong motor and a big battery for a large radius of action. We chose a modular system, to be flexible, now and later.

Choice of disc or rim brakes

Disc brakes

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes

The strongest brakes with the most powerful braking power. Ready for long downhills. The Hope disc brakes have 4 pistons and extra large steel Santos (203 mm) and extra thick (3.5 mm) discs.

Or go for the hydraulic Shimano XT disc brakes with 180 mm steel Santos discs. Choose what suits you best.

Rim brakes

Adjustable hydraulic rim brakes

The 4.29 comes with hydraulic FIRMtech brakes from Magura. These are robust, durable and as the name suggests, firm or powerful. They brake firmly and directly and are easy to dose. Even riders with smaller hands or little strength in their fingers can easily bring the 4.29 to a stop with the use of just 1 or 2 fingers. With the control wheel attached to the brake lever you can easily adjust the braking power; either more aggressively or with a more friendly stroke. Also in wet weather conditions.

And furthermore

suspension fork

Fixed or suspension fork

The 4.29 has a raised front, which can accommodate both a fixed and a suspension fork.

We have developed the fixed front forks ourselves. These stable, aluminum or steel 29er forks are equipped with lowrider inserts, suitable for heavy-duty use. You can mount Son SL which keeps your lamp always straight and it guides the cables neatly in front of your frame. The aluminum version has inserts for 2 bottle holders.

Handbuilt Santos wheels

Handbuilt Santos wheels

Of course, the 4.29 is assembled with our extra strong travel wheels. They are handbuilt with the best rims on the market. Our hubs have 36 spoke holes and spoke nipples are secured.

Santos wishbone

A lot of clearance

The 4.29 fits tires up to 60 mm thick. This also gives you plenty of tire clearance with mudguards.

Tires up to 60mm fit in the 4.29 and even with mudguards this will give you plenty of clearance.

Dropout system

Convenient dropout system

The 4.29 has a super strong fixed rear dropout. This way your wheel is always straight and you can easily remove it from your frame.

The rear dropout of the 4.29 is also suitable for a derailleur. With this non-fixed derailleur part you can easily switch to another transmission system. This way, the 4.29 will fit your needs now and in the future.


All specifications

Want to know all the details about the frame, geometry, drivetrain, brakes and Santos Only parts? Or a comparison between the 4.29 adventure bike and the Cross Lite? You can find these here.

Choose your Santos bike

How do I determine what to build?

At Santos we like to listen first to what you have in mind. Then we’ll start building the best Santos especially for you. Below you will find a number of tools to guide you through the decision making process. Depending on your (technical) knowledge, you can use these tools yourself or go through them together with a Santos dealer. He can advise you on all the important details.

Is it the right bike for me?

Is it the Santos 4.29 that appeals most to you? Or maybe one of our other bicycles? To get your thoughts clear, you may use the Santos step-by-step plan. This plan is currently only available in Dutch, but we hope to publish an English version soon. You don’t need to fill it in, it is meant as a guideline for when you get in touch with us.

How much will it cost?

Convinced that the Santos 4.29 is the bike for you? Then you may want to use the Santos customizer as a guideline to make choices about the drive, the brakes and the entire assembly such as the handlebars, the saddle and the tires. Use this tool to see the many options of custombuilding and to get a rough idea about pricing.

Where can I get more information?

You can visit our factory or one of our dealers. Our factory is located just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam airport. Our dealer network is mainly based in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can also make a video appointment. We then "walk" you through our factory and show you frames, models, colours and accessories. We can ship worldwide.

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