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Spinning South wk79: Bambamarca to Laguna Sausachocha

What a coincidence, being born in ‘65 and turning 54 while Frank turns 65 the next day, being born in ‘54.

Our consecutive birthdays always make me wonder about the coincidence of a Dutch guy and Belgian girl meeting each other in the South of Belgium during a horse riding holiday and having their birthday with only one night in-between, but with 11 years difference in their day of birth. I do wonder sometimes if it would be more fun to have more time in between as you can celebrate each birthday more in depth, have double parties, even if every day is a party! Turning 65 was a milestone in the past , you would have your last working day, start to receive pension and join the pensioners club. How this is changing in Europe. 11 days of cycling ensured we earned 3 nights in the same bed. It was a challenge to find a place which had a ground level space to store the bikes and strong enough internet so we could post the blog. For the first time Easter and my birthday coincide. No Easter eggs here, but breakfast in bed anyway.

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