• Travel Lite+ E-bike

    Sporty all-rounder with power

  • Santos Travel Lite Plus Ebike

    Travel Lite+ E-bike

    Sporty all-rounder with power

  • Santos Travel Lite Plus Ebike

    Travel Lite+ E-bike

    Sporty all-rounder with power



The Travel Lite+ E-bike is a sporty all-rounder with power. It takes you to work and further, much furhter. Always enjoying tailwinds.

The Travel Lite+ is the first E-bike developed from a holiday perspective. An extremely powerful bike luggage wise, a revelation when it comes to smoothness and sportivity. It is built to carry a lot of luggage, about 55 kg. With its strong frame and wheels, it is a stable ride under any circumstances.

The powerful Go Swiss motor of the Travel Lite+ is located in the rear wheel and the replaceable battery on the down tube, fot both men and ladies frames. Which makes it very stable.

Santos developed special software with smart support. With this you can either opt for maximum action radiur or for maximum support. Choose what you prefer.

The Travel Lite+ is equipped with a low-maintenance Pinion gearbox and beltdrive. It has powerful disc brakes and the frame is clean and dedicated; nicely finished welds and no unnecessary inserts. A beauty from the outside, a powerhouse from the inside.

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Review by Outdoorguru

Santos Travel Lite+ E-bike

"With the Travel Lite+ E-bike Santos offers an amazing electronic touring bike."

- Gijs Loning, outdoorguru.com








Clean & dedicated

Elegant, beuatifully designed




  • Clean and dedicated

    Super elegant allrounder

    An eye catcher, for sure. Besides functionality, the Travel Lite+'s looks are a main feature. The frame is beautifully designed, clean and dedicated. No superfluous inserts, nicely finished welds, a semi integrated head set and reliable hydraulic disc brakes.

    The frame is designed for one kind of brake and gear system. That means cable and cableguides are fine tuned in shape and function, without concessions.

  • Clean and dedicated

    Super elegant allrounder

    An eye catcher, for sure. Besides functionality, the Travel Lite+'s looks are a main feature. The frame is beautifully designed, clean and dedicated. No superfluous inserts, nicely finished welds, a semi integrated head set and reliable hydraulic disc brakes.

    The frame is designed for one kind of brake and gear system. That means cable and cableguides are fine tuned in shape and function, without concessions.

  • Clean and dedicated

    Super elegant allrounder

    An eye catcher, for sure. Besides functionality, the Travel Lite+'s looks are a main feature. The frame is beautifully designed, clean and dedicated. No superfluous inserts, nicely finished welds, a semi integrated head set and reliable hydraulic disc brakes.

    The frame is designed for one kind of brake and gear system. That means cable and cableguides are fine tuned in shape and function, without concessions.

  • Heren- en damesvariant
  • Low top tube possible

    Ladies and gents version available

    The Travel Lite+ E-bike is available in 5 ladies and 5 gents sizes. The ladies frame has a low top tube and maintains its stiffness and stable riding characteristics due to its well considered geometry. There's plenty of room left for a bottle cage.



Travel bike with power

Super stable




Super stable frame
  • Sterk frame
  • Safely downhill, full of confidence

    Strong and stable frame

    The Travel Lite+ follows without hesitation. Even during super fast downhills on paved roads or unpaved mountain tracks it feels very reliable. It has a super strong frame, a steel front fork and exceedingly strong wheels, which make swaying impossible.

  • Travelwaardig
  • A crazy amount of luggage

    Stable riding behaviour, even with a lot of luggage

    You can fit the Travel Lite+ E-bike with more than 40 kg of luggage, divided over 5 bags. For example, choose a Santos TravelRack XL rear rack (26 kg*) and a Tubus lowrider (15kg). The strong, stiff frame and the steel front fork ride effortless over cobblestones and tree-roots. The fat tires give you lots of comfort.

    With the gents frame a water bottle or Hold-it-All neatly fits next to the battery. This way you can bring everything you want without swaying; nice and sporty and comfortable while on vacation.

    *In case you use the carrier for panniers only on the side and on top of the bike, it's suitable for at least 40kg. The carrier is not suitable for child's seats.






Built for heavy duty purposes

Strong wheels that easily carry your luggage; a Santos Hold-it-All for a big PET bottle or that nice bottle of wine to enjoy at the end of your day's ride. The Travel Lite+ is your reliable companion.

  • TravelRack XL

    TravelRack XL

    The TravelRack XL is a heavy duty carrier, especially designed for our 29-er models. Designed by Santos, produced by Tubus. It carries 40 kg of luggage, has an extra long plateau and is situated more to the front, which makes it stronger than any other 29-er carrier. Suitable for a crazy amount of luggage.

    Read more

  • Strong wheels

    Strong wheels

    Santos wheels can withstand it all.

    Wheels are very important. They have a lot to endure and are difficult to repair while traveling. All the more reason to make our wheels strong, very strong. How?

    Read more

  • Santos Hold-it-All

    Santos Hold-it-All

    One size fits all.

    From a regular bike bottle up to a large PET bottle. The name says it all; you can stash anything with the Santos Hold-it-All. Thousands of Santos riders use this unique Santos Only accessory on their journeys around the world.

    Read more



  • XL vakantiewielen
  • Comfortable and strong

    Santos XL touring wheels

    The Travel Lite+ E-bike has the special Santos XL touring wheels, suitable for heavy duty purposes! They are handmade, have extra wide rims and 36 spokes. This ensures maximum stability. Sealed nipples make these touring wheels indestructable and ready for any tour. Its frame is suitable for two wheelsizes!

    The 28 inch rims will fit tires from 42 to 55 mm and the 27.5 inch rims can easily fit 62 mm tires. Choose what suits you best, just keep pedalling and enjoy the view. Your tires will do the work. Super comfortable.


Comfortable and strong

The Santos XL touring wheels are comfortable and strong. A 27.5 inch rim with 62 mm tire has a large air chamber, which you can ride with less air pressure. It easily rolls over obstacles and feels very comfortable.

Super stable

The Santos XL touring wheels have 36 (relatively short) spokes and secured nipples. The rim is smaller than 28 inch and extra wide. That makes the wheel very strong. The extra wide rim keeps the tire in place. Great for smooth turns with a lot of luggage.

Comfortable air suspension

As a pillow so soft. The 62mm tires will give you comfortable air suspension. Ideal for beautiful dirt roads in Norway, the cobblestones in a pictoresque French village or a sandy track in Southern Spain.

A lot of clearance

The Travel Lite+ has been designed with a lot of clearance. Between tire and mudguard you'll have sufficient space for mud, grit and pebbles. That makes it very suitable for both paved and offroad tracks.




Tip Tyre pressure


Tyre pressure can make a huge difference riding 27,5 inch wheels with 62 mm tyres. Do you ride without luggage on paved roads? You likely want a tad more air in your tyres. Once fully packed off road, you may prefer less tyre pressure.
In general we advice you to put the pressure on 1.7 to 2.7, depending on your weight, your luggage and your goal.





New Go Swiss drive

Powerful and flexible



TL E-bike damesframe


  • Go Swiss Motor
  • Peak performance >500 Watt

    Silent, powerful motor

    We have equipped the Travel Lite+ E-bike with a rear wheel Go Swiss motor. This is a silent, vibration-free direct current motor, which is 'power driven'. The more pressure you put on the pedals, the more power the motor delivers. That feels very natural, because you can manage the speed yourself and dose it as you like.

    The Go Swiss motor is the core of a strong wheel with short spokes. It is easy to take the wheel in and out with the quick release system. This way you can replace your tire yourself or ask a random (local) bicycle mechanic to do the necessary maintenance.

  • Santos Software
  • Smart support

    Special Santos Software

    Santos developed special software for its E-bikes. With this smart software you control the 5 settings between maximum range and maximum support, whatever you prefer. The motor gradually adapts to the power you provide. This ensures smooth transitions and acceleration and a pleasant support. Enthusiasts can tune the software anytime with an app. In addition to the regular settings, there are 2 regenerative settings, with which the motor returns energy back to the battery.

    The display is removable.

  • Accu
  • Onderbuis Ebike 01 1280px
  • 555 Wh, 15,5 Ah battery

    Large battery, extensive range

    The Travel Lite+ E-Bike is equipped with a large battery, which is compactly mounted to the down tube, also with the ladies frame. This way the Travelmaster 3+ E-bike retains its stable riding characteristics.
    The operating range of the Travel Lite+ E-bike depends on many factors. Think of air resistance, rolling resistance, the extent to which you ride yourself, weight and the support setting you use. Experience shows a operating range between 50 and 150 kilometers. Would you like more advice on this subject? Feel free to ask us.

  • Stable and dismountable

    Santos battery mounting

    The battery of the Travel Lite+ E-bike is mounted on the down tube, also on the ladies frame. It is dismountable and provided with a magnetic plug and battery lock. You can easily change the battery if you need to do so.
    The bracket on which we mount the battery exactly fits over the Travel Lite+. The lock with reinforced inserts holds it securely in place. This ensures stable riding behaviour.
    The battery charger that comes with is, is a silent charger.





A rear wheel motor can supply a lot of power. It is a direct current motor, that can get warm with a low speed frequency. In case this happens over a long period, the motor becomes too hot and the electronics will reduce the power. It is possible that the thermal protection switches off the motor. This can do no harm to the motor. The Santos 3.0 software is aimed at minimizing this effect, so you can take full advantage of its force and power.





Pinion gearbox

Riding a lot, barely any maintenance





  • Pinion
  • Bereik
  • 12 or 18 gears

    Low maintenance Pinion gear system

    The Travel Lite+ E-bike has a Pinion gear system. This type of transmission will be supplied with belt drive, which makes it a super durable and low maintenance combination. By default we mount the Pinion gear box with 12 gears, but 18 speed is also an option.

    The Pinion box with 18 gears is available in 6 colors, choose the one that matches your bike.

  • Range Pinion vs Rohloff

    Pinion 18 speed: 636%
    Pinion 12 speed: 601%
    Rohloff 14 gears: 526%

    Rohloff: 13,6% heavier per gear.
    Pinion 18: 11,5% heavier per gear.
    Pinion 12: 17,7% heavier per gear.

  • Pinion brug
  • Super stiff and more precise

    Strenghtened Pinion bridge

    For a durable transmission system a more precise Pinion fitting is of great importance. Therefore the Pinion frame of the Travel Lite+ has a strenghtened Pinion bridge, which ensures the (belt) drive to be silent and durable. You will also notice this when riding the bike; efficiency with every pedal stroke.

  • Riemspanner
  • Gates beltdrive and Santos belt tensioner

    Durable Santos beltdrive

    With the right belt and sprockets the bike's drive system is super durable. For all its models Santos chooses the best parts and has developed its own belt tensioner. This tiny wheel for the Pinion box keeps the belt tensioned and is located near the bracket. This makes the system super user friendly; removing the rear wheel can be done in an instant.

    The Travel Lite+ has this durable Santos belt drive. This means fixed dropouts (thus the certainty of a straight rear wheel), Gates belt drive and the Santos belt tensioner. It's the ultimate system for a lót of silent kilometers.

  • Vaste achterpadden
  • Always an aligned wheel

    Fixed dropouts

    A straight-lined belt ensures a more durable drive system. Santos bicycles have fixed dropouts, so your wheel is always aligned and a perfect alignment of your belt is guaranteed.



Disc brakes as a standard

With fixed dropouts





  • Schijfremmen
  • Powerful hydraulic disc brakes

    A lot of braking power

    We equip the Travel Lite+ E-bike with Shimano XT disc brakes with long handles. Nice and comfortable. Depending on your goal, you can choose different discs. The XT option is available in 180 and 203 mm. For Hope we have the Tech3 V4 variant with 203 mm discs. Choose what suits you best.



Santos Only

SON SL, modular cable guides, many colors...






SON SL light set

Wireless dynamo hub

In case you opt for the SON light set, you get a beautiful headlight with a wide, clear beam. This is a distinctive feature of the SON headlights. The connection to the hub is wireless, which makes it very easy to take out the wheel.
We mount the headlight on a Santos headlight bracket, this provides a clear, straight beam above your front wheel.

The SON headlights are available in 6 colors, just like the corresponding SON dynamo hub and rear light.

  • Santos Plus concept
  • PLUS concept

    Two wheel sizes

    The Travel Lite+ E-bike fits two wheel sizes. By default we deliver the bicycle with 27.5 inch wheels and 62 mm tires. They are somewhat rougher and will give you more comfort on bumpy or unpaved roads.
    However, 28 inch rims with tires up to 55 mm fit easily too. That gives you the freedom to change your minde later.

  • Santos kabelgeleiders
  • Modular and clean

    Santos cable guides

    Santos developed modular cable guides for the Travel Lite+ E-bike. The cables run along your frame perfectly, without superfluous inserts. No matter how you customize the bike.




For everyone a unique bike


Which frame do you need?

Which frame do you need?

Your wishes and needs determine the frame of your choice. Do you expect to bring a lot of luggage? Do you prefer paved roads, single tracks or both? Santos offers a suitable frame for every purpose.

By the way, your frame is available in more than 50 colors!



Choose the kind of gear system you like. We offer the unique possibility to choose from various gear systems; opt for the reliable Rohloff hub, the low maintenance Pinion gear box or an affordable derailleur system.
Both Rohloff and Pinion can be selected with Gates belt or chain.



The finishing touch; handlebars, saddle, tires, rims, fenders, brakes, lights, front fork, grips, carriers ánd color! It's completely up to you; you decide íf you need it and what exactly you prefer.
The result: your unique Santos.



  • Santos kleuren
  • Color your world

    Santos colors

    Your Santos in your own color; choose from more than 50 frame colors, 14 letter colors and match your SON lights, Rohloff hub and/or Pinion box.






All sizes at a single glance




Geometry Travel Lite+
All sizes are in millimeters, unless mentioned otherwise.
Tip: testing says more than just numbers.

Size Seat tube length Top tube length Overstand height Head set height Head set - Dropout
49 cm 490 580  800 907 602
53 cm 530 590  821 909 602
57 cm 570 600 851 932 622
61 cm 610 610 881 950 642
65 cm 650 620  906 969 662
45 cm 450 575  685 907 602
49 cm 490 580  682 907 602
53 cm 530 585 688 928 622
57 cm 570 595 705 950 642
61 cm 610 605  719 969 662
* Measured with 28 inch wheels and the Marathon Supreme 50mm tire.





Download them here, in Dutch


Travel Lite+ E-bike

Travel Lite+ E-bike

Travel Lite+ Factsheet

Travel Lite+ Factsheet

Santos Power Serie Quick Guide  (NL)

Santos Power Serie Quick Guide (NL)






We are here to help you


What are the advantages of a Santos E-bike?
A Santos E-bike is suitable for cycling holidays. The frame is strong and stiff enough to carry both you and your luggage for a care-free trip. It is equipped with the very durable and low-maintenance Pinion gearbox, it is comfortable and has an efficient rear wheel motor drive from GoSwiss.

How does the walking assistent work?
To receive support while walking next to your bike, please press and hold the plus button. The system gives walking support at a speed between and 1 and 4 kilometers an hour.

Is it smart to use the GoSwiss app?
GoSwiss offers an app with which end users can change advanced settings themselves. Santos however, currently advises against the use of the app. The user might change settings that can effect the riding experience in a negative way.

What is the best way to mount my handlebar holder?
We recommend keeping the vulnerable display cable free and not to use clogs.



Is the display waterproof?
Yes, the display is dust and waterproof (IP-65).

How can I enter a new tire circumference?
You can enter a wheel circumference in the display settings. Correct this variable when you mount a tire in a different size. This ensures a realistic representation of your speed.

Can I also charge other devices?
Yes, you can charge other devices to 1A (5 volts), ie 5 watts, via the USB connection of the display.



Do I have to charge the battery before first use?
Yes, before first use you need to charge the battery completely.

What's the best way to charge the battery?
To charge the battery, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn the system off with the button on the display before removing the cable from the battery.
  2. Always activate the battery before you connect a plug. Do this by pressing the button located on the battery.
  3. Connect the charger to the battery.
  4. Plug the charger into the socket.
  5. If applicable, turn on the button on the charger.
Charge the battery at room temperature (between 10 and 30 C°).

Can I charge the battery after each bike ride?
Yes, that's possible. The battery has no 'memory effect', so you can recharge it after every ride.

Which charger can I use best?
We recommend using only the original charger and battery. Santos has several chargers available for the Power Series. Each charger is compatible with a Santos battery, with one exception: the 4Ah charger does not work in combination with a carrier battery. Use the 2Ah or 5Ah charger instead.

How do I check the current battery status?
There are 4 LEDs on the battery to check the charging status:

Check current status:
  • 0 LEDs on: 0-20%
  • 1 LED on: 21-40%
  • 2 LEDs on: 41-60%
  • 3 LEDs on: 61-80%
  • 4 LEDs on: 81-100%
During charging:
  • 1st LED blinks: 0-24%
  • 2nd LED blinks: 25-49%
  • 3rd LED blinks: 50-84%
  • 4th LED blinks: 85-96%
  • 4 LEDs on: 97-100%


What't the best way to store the battery?

  • Charge the battery up to 60% - 70% if you won't be using it for a while. Check every 3 months if the battery load is still around 60% - 70% and recharge if necessary.
  • Store the battery in a dry space of 10 to 20 C°. Avoid temperature changes.
At room temperature the battery has a self-discharge of about 0.1% per day.

How can I best transport the battery?
When you plan to transport your bicycle, for example by car, it is advisable to remove the battery.

What does DeepSleep mode do?
In the DeepSleep mode, the battery minimizes its own consumption. This mode takes effect when the battery has not been used for 8 days, the voltage limit (approx. 28 volts) has been reached or when the battery button is pressed for 8 seconds.
You can activate the battery from 'DeepSleep' mode by pressing the button on the battery once. All four LEDs light up briefly for confirmation.

The battery is getting warm, is that an issue?
Not, it's no problem of the battery becomes warm during use.

When it's cold, my range decreases. Is that correct?
That's correct, a Li-ion battery performs less as it gets colder. At 0 to 10 degrees below zero, the capacity can be 30% to 40% less. The effect is not permanent.

What does the battery status mean?
The battery status simply displays the remaining percentage of the battery.

What does Remaining Range mean?
The Remaining Range is the radius of action and is determined by the total riding history, the ride history and the current input. This becomes more accurate as you ride more.



How much noise does the motor make?
The motor is virtually inaudible with 18-25dB.

Why did Santos opt for a rear wheel motor?
Because the electric motor is situated in the rear wheel, the drivetrain will not be loaded with the power delivered by the motor. This is very durable.

Can I also regenerate energy?
Yes, that's possible. The system has two settings to regenerate energy back to the battery, for exeample during a long descent. This is only possible when using a rear wheel motor. Note: once you reach the maximum speed, the regeneration stops and thus the braking effect of the system stops.

What's the effect of a too high belt tension?
When the belt tension is too high, it can interfere with the operation of the torque sensor in the hub, and thus the operation of the entire system. The part of the belt just above the rear fork may move about 10mm up-and-down, about 20mm in total.


How often do I have to maintain my Santos E-bike?
We recommend you to to bring your bicycle regularly to a dealer for inspection, just like a car. Preferably once a year.

What should I take into account during maintenance?
When you are going to maintain your bicycle, we recommend the following:

  • Turn off the system and remove the battery during cleaning or other maintenance.
  • Avoid contact of water and solvents near the plugs.
  • Do not use high-pressure hose, garden hose or compressed air. Clean your bicycle preferably with a (damp) cloth.
  • Do not remove any stickers from the hub or battery, as the warranty will be expired.
  • Do not open parts of the GoSwiss Drive (battery, motor or display), as the warranty will be expired immediately.


How do I remove the rear wheel?
If necessary, remove the rear wheel in the following way:

  1. Turn off the system.
  2. Remove the cable from the battery.
  3. Disconnect the motor plug.
  4. With a derailleur gear system;; switch to the smallest gears (front and rear).
  5. In case of rim brakes; open the brakes so that the tire can be taken out.
  6. Open the quick release.
  7. Carefully pull the wheel down (or the frame up). Note: the wheel is heavy!


Problem solving

I have a problem with / complaint about my E-bike. What should I do?
Have you already read our Manuals (Dutch)? In the Error Guide we give you tips and information to get back on the road as quickly as possible. Of course you can always contact your nearest dealer or Santos.

I see an error code in the display, what should I do?
In our Error Guide we explain the different error codes. Your dealer will also help you out. They have the right tools to check the system and to resolve the problem for you. You'll be quickly on your way again.

I am unable to reach the maximum speed, how is that possible?
There are two possible causes:

  • The actual wheel circumference differs from the factory settings.
    Explanation: entering the actual wheel circumference in the display ensures that the correct speed is displayed, as with standard odometers. However, the maximum speed is limited by a (factory-set) number of rotations per minute. A smaller wheel circumference thus ensures a slightly lower maximum speed.
    Advice: always set the correct wheel circumference in the display. If the deviation in speed limit persists, let your dealer contact Santos.
  • The ‘FWD deceleration’ is set (too) high in the display.
    Explanation: FWD deceleration means forward deceleration or forward delay. The setting ensures that you do not 'ride into a wall' when you reach the maximum speed. The support is gradually building up. Santos deliberately sets this value high, because this is experienced as comfortable while riding. If you believe the FWD decelaration is set too high, it might be possible the rider won't reach the maximum speed.
    Advice: adjust the 'FWD decelarion' downwards using the display.





Questions or ready to order?


We like to help. You can call, email or make an appointment.
Our dealers are ready to help you. Check our dealer page for their addresses.



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Santos World Store & Test Center

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Santos World Stores

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