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The new Santos SUB

This Santos has a rich history. Once designed as Santos Urban Bike, or SUB. A stubborn city bike that smoothly guided you through traffic. The Santos riders from the very beginning found it to be so smooth and comfortable to cycle that they started to make more and more miles with it. Out of the busy city, through the suburbs, into the forest, the hills and across the borders.

They came back with enthusiastic stories and requests. We started to plan, adapt and add. Multiple wheel sizes, wider tires and disc brakes. This is how this new SUB gradually came into existence. Just as durable and solid, but with extra genes from our mountain bikes and holiday bikes. Ready for the city, a bikepacking trip or a cycling holiday. Also with an extra helping hand.

Build it up the way you want, choose a cool color combination and you have your own unique Santos!


Fast and agile

1. Tough city bike

Once designed as Santos Urban Bike. A stubborn city bike that guides you smoothly and safely through the busy traffic.

The very latest version of the SUB still is. And at the same time so much more!

See for yourself. Ignore the admiring glances. Cycle through that small, busy street full of tourists, over the narrow smooth bridge, across the double tram track and the obscure roundabout. Along the overcrowded parking lots. Hop.. out of town, into the woods.

Always tailwind

2. Stylish E-bike

Do you want to push your limits with ease? Then choose the e-bike version of the SUB. Great if you want to cover longer distances. Or for just a little extra power with that steep bridge.

This SUB has a solid, durable mid-motor, made by the German Pendix and fine-tuned with Santos software for an extra large range. The operation is simple. With one handy button on the battery you can choose from 3 modes: Eco, Smart or Sport.

Oh yes, you can of course also cycle if the battery is switched off. Or if the battery is not on at all. Just as easy.

On an adventure

3. Stable bikepacker

The SUB loves the city but also likes to take you on an adventure! Over rugged terrain without a pre-mapped route; sleeping bag and tent. The strong frame and the Santos Adventure fork offer you plenty of space.

Choose nice and wide 70 mm tires with studs. In this way, you also retain a lot of grip and control with packing. And you can drive comfortably and easily on unpaved paths.

So pack some stuff after a busy week at work; attach them to the frame, handlebar or seat tube and go for it!

Fully loaded

4. Strong holiday bike

Going on a cycling holiday with the SUB? Of course you can! With the versatile, strong frame of the SUB, you have every option to transform it into a real travel bike.

Put one Santos TwinRack front carrier and a Santos AdventureRack rear carrier, suitable for large bags and wide tires. Choose mudguards, a Santos-hold-it-all and go out into the wide world.

And when you're ready for it again after the holidays, you remove the bags and the SUB is your stubborn city bike again.

Drive and brakes

Switches easily, low maintenance

Rohloff hub gear

If you want to cover many kilometers without any worries, choose the reliable and user-friendly internal gears from Rohloff with Santos belt drive. It makes the SUB 'low maintenance' and suitable for all weather conditions.

The Rohloff hub has 14 gears and is available in 6 colors.


Super durable

Santos belt drive

With the right belt and sprockets, your bike's drivetrain is super durable. The SUB has this durable Santos belt drive. That means fixed rear pads (so your rear wheel is always straight) and Gates belt drive with extra strong CDX-EXP sprockets. This way you can cycle a lot and silently. Really nice.


Choose what suits you

Disc or rim brakes?

The hydraulic rim brakes are robust and durable. They brake firmly and directly and can be dosed well with little force. With a adjusting wheel on the brake lever you decide whether the brake bites aggressively or allows a friendly long stroke. Renewing brake pads is also a piece of cake: you are done within five minutes without tools.

The hydraulic disc brakes are the strongest brakes with the most stopping power. This gives you even more control, even on wet roads or long descents.

Not sure exactly what you want? You can test both systems at the dealer.

And also

E-bike ready

The SUB is designed with a view to the future. It's E-bike ready, which means you can electrify it later. That's great, because you simply don't know where you stand in a few years.

The SUB has a powerful power motor and a large battery for a large range. We build it modularly, so that we remain flexible for all your wishes, now and in the future.

A lot of luggage

Put a Santos TwinRack reciter on it and a Santos AdventureRack rear carrier, suitable for large bags and wide tires. Choose mudguards, a Santos Hold-it-all and go out into the wide world.

And when you're ready for it again after the holidays, you remove the bags and the SUB is your stubborn city bike again.

Plugless hub dynamo

If you opt for SON lighting, you get a beautiful headlight with a wide, bright beam, which is so characteristic of SON headlights. The connection to the hub dynamo is wireless, so that the wheel can be easily put in and out. We mount the lamp on a Santos lampholder, because then it shines nicely over your tire and it remains neatly upright.

The SON lamps are available in 6 colors, just like the corresponding hub dynamo and rear lamp.

All specifications

Curious about all the details about the frame, geometry, drivetrain, brakes and Santos Only parts? Then go to all specifications.

Choose your Santos bike

How do I determine what to build?

At Santos we like to listen first to what you have in mind. Then we’ll start building the best Santos especially for you. Below you will find a number of tools to guide you through the decision making process. Depending on your (technical) knowledge, you can use these tools yourself or go through them together with a Santos dealer. He can advise you on all the important details.

Is it the right bike for me?

Is it the SUB that appeals most to you? Or maybe one of our other bicycles? To get your thoughts clear, you may use the Santos step-by-step plan. This plan is currently only available in Dutch, but we hope to publish an English version soon. You don’t need to fill it in, it is meant as a guideline for when you get in touch with us.

How much will it cost?

Convinced that the SUB is the bike for you? Then you may want to use the Santos customizer as a guideline to make choices about the drive, the brakes and the entire assembly such as the handlebars, the saddle and the tires. Use this tool to see the many options of custombuilding and to get a rough idea about pricing.

Where can I get more information?

You can visit our factory or one of our dealers. Our factory is located just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam airport. Our dealer network is mainly based in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can also make a video appointment. We then "walk" you through our factory and show you frames, models, colours and accessories. We can ship worldwide.

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