• Frank van Rijn - Marokko

         Rode granieten bergen, surrealistische     
    landschappen en verlaten campings

    Volg de avonturen van Frank van Rijn in Marokko

  • Passie voor fietsen

    Passie voor fietsen
    en liefde voor kwaliteit

    Fietsliefhebber Robbert Rutgrink richtte in 1997 Santos op in de schuur van z’n vader.

  • Marco & Lisette TVM

    Vliegende wolken over strak geschoren
    groen landschap.
    Welkom in Nederland. Fietsland.

    Marco & Lisette fietsen met de kop in de wind door Oost-Nederland.

  • Santos Only

    Nieuwe Juicy kleuren

    Ocean Blue, Sunset, Morning Green en Forest; daar krijg je toch fiets-zin van!


Santos Bikes

Santos is een klein en onafhankelijk fietsmerk met passie voor fietsen en een grote liefde voor kwaliteit. Wat begon in een schuurtje in Lisse is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot een fietsspecialist waar een team van zo'n 20 fietsliefhebbers dagelijks werkt aan de fietsdromen van Santos klanten. We zijn zelf fietsers en luisteren naar wat andere fietsers zeggen. Hierdoor weten we wat wel en niet werkt en komen we op nieuwe ideeën. We houden van top kwaliteit en ontwikkelen daarom steeds meer onderdelen zelf. We hebben een eigen R&D afdeling met fietsgekke toptechneuten. En je vindt bij ons geen lopende-band-productie. Elke monteur heeft zijn eigen werkbank en bouwt een fiets in z'n geheel op. Net zoals het in 1997 is begonnen.

Benieuwd naar het hele verhaal? Kom dan eens bij ons langs. Elke vrijdag zijn we open van 9.00 tot 17.00 en kun je ook zonder afspraak bij ons langs komen. Heb je liever persoonlijk advies van een Santos specialist? Maak dan een afspraak, zodat we echt de tijd voor je kunnen nemen. In twee uur vertellen we je dan alles over Santos, helpen we je bij het maken van de vele keuzes en natuurlijk kun je uitgebreid proefrijden op de meer dan 100 testfietsen die we hebben klaar staan.

Lees hier meer over Santos of maak hier een afspraak voor de showroom.




Onze fietsen

De verschillende Santos Series, voor unieke rijders


Lite Serie Lite Serie

Mooi afgewerkt en je ideale partner voor naar
het werk, weekend weg of op vakantie.


Power Serie  Power Serie

Fietsen met power.
Ideaal voor vakantie of een snelle trip naar je werk.



Mountain Serie Mountain Serie

Moddervreters. Lekker licht en snel.
Bikepacking, why not?



Tandem Serie  Tandem Serie

Samen even snel,
op vakantie of de wereld over.



Urban Serie Urban Serie

Heerlijk de stad in, het terras op.
Dat doe je met deze fiets.



Wil je bij Santos langs komen?

Elke vrijdag zijn we open van 9.00 tot 17.00 en kun je, ook zonder afspraak, bij ons langs komen.

Het kan druk zijn in de showroom. Heb je graag persoonlijk advies van een Santos medewerker, maak dan even een afspraak.

In twee uur vertellen we je dan alles over Santos, helpen we je bij het maken van de vele keuzes en natuurlijk kun je uitgebreid proefrijden op de meer dan 100 testfietsen die we hebben klaar staan.

Komt vrijdag niet uit, dan maken we graag tijd voor je op een andere dag. Bel of mail ons gerust voor het maken van een afspraak.

Vrijdag 13/07: Showroom geopend
Vrijdag 20/07: Showroom geopend
Vrijdag 27/07: Showroom geopend
Vrijdag 03/08: Showroom geopend

Of een van de Santos World Stores bezoeken?

Neem plaats in de wereld van Santos bij jou in de buurt. De World Store is de Santos specialist puur sang die alles weet over Santos en je graag adviseert en helpt bij het samenstellen van jouw eigen Santos.

Lekker wegdromen bij een van de meer dan 20 prachtige Santossen, verschillende kleuren Rohloff, Son en Pinion vergelijken en de Santos riemaandrijving voelen. Of pak een van de 58 Santos kleuren op de levensgrote kleurbuizen die je mee naar buiten kunt nemen, kun je goed zien hoe je favoriete kleur er in het zonlicht uit ziet.

Voor persoonlijk advies kun je een afspraak maken met een van de Santos specialisten.

  Santos World Store Santos specialist Telefoonnummer
Test Center lijst
  • Sector2bikes (ook Test Center)
  • Bart of John 0318-503802
  • Rob's BikeCenter
  • Rob of Eric 010-5912318
  • 2 Wielercentrum Beuningen
  • Marco 024-6751570
  • Cycle you Amsterdam
  • Jan Willem 020-6277726
    De Fietser Hoogwoud
    Aart 0226-753698
  • De Pedaleur
  • Carolien of Maik 0314-330921
  • Fietsen Jurgen (België)
  • Vanessa of Jurgen +32(0)15419097
  • Henk Baars
  • Sjan of Henk 013-5042379
  • Herwerden Way to Bike
  • Eddie of Tom 070-3861719
  • John Knoops Passion for Bikes
  • John of Martijn 0492-663519
  • Xycletracx
  • John 038-4524343

    Laatste nieuws

    Over onze fietsen en de rijders ervan

    Céad Míle Fáilte

    I arrive in Ireland by ferry in the late afternoon. My only plan for the day is to get away from Rosslare city and harbor and find a place to pitch my tent. In England people told me the wild camping would get easier getting to Wales and even more so in Ireland, but I’m surrounded by farmland without a farm in sight.

    The houses look empty and quiet. The only people I see are in the cars that pass me occasionally on the narrow backroads. I don’t like opening a closed gate to camp in a field, it doesn’t feel right. I don’t mind breaking government or institution rules, but entering someone’s private property without asking is not my style.
    I decide to knock on the door of a house with a smoking chimney, a sign of life.

    Two red-heads peek outside from behind the window and a woman opens the door. The girls pop up behind her. I ask to fill up my water bag and if she can advise me where I can set up camp for the night. She thinks ‘anywhere is okay’ but also advices me to ask a bit further down the road where it looks like they actually own some land. The oldest girl explains to me where she thinks I’ll have the best chance. As I roll on to a neighbouring barn their dad just drives up to the house. The Polish workers at the barn can’t give me permission, because they only rent the place. They’re packing plants that will actually be shipped to the Netherlands. As I get back on my bike a car appears, the oldest red-head in the passenger seat. Her dad tells me I can follow them back to the house and pitch my tent in their garden. Later that evening, as we’re having tea and cookies in the kitchen he tells me he’s a cyclist too… I could’ve known.

    P1000256 1

    We exchange stories about travel and culture. The mam and two girls (10 and 13) take turns summing up what is characteristic for Ireland and the Irish. One of those things is the hospitality and the tea that will always be offered. And they’re right. It’s my first night in Ireland and I’m surrounded by a lovely family. In the morning they call me inside for breakfast. As the mother returns from bringing the kids to school she tells me how they were excited to tell about me in class, the woman that rides her bike around the world and camped in their garden. I got on my bike with a smile on my face. I think I might like Ireland.


    As I ride along the south coast I come across a lot more hospitality. Warming up in visitor centres (with tea of course) that are open year round (where they were all closed in England) and getting permission to camp in little parks in towns.

    They live up to their slogan: Céad Míle Fáilte. ‘One hundred thousand welcomes’.

    I’m camped in a little park on the edge of the town Sneem on a rainy evening, just about to turn in, as a car drives up to my tent. A man gets out. Shit, there we have it, unwanted company. The man comes up to me in the drizzle and asks me: ‘Are you okay? I saw you riding down the road earlier and I was wondering if you need anything. I live right up the road. Do you want a tea or something? Anything? Well, I live just up the road. Goodnight then.’

    The Irish seem to be a bit like the Islandic. They’re not very visible, unless you’re in a town centre. You don’t see them around the house. I often wonder many houses are even inhabited. They’re furnished, but hardly any have plants, flowers or any sign of life around them, they look somber.





    With reaching the western peninsulas I also reach tourist territory. And for a good reason. The Beara peninsula is beautiful. It’s a lot of ups and downs but the views make it worth the sweat. The famous ‘Ring of Kerry‘, one of the touristic highlights of Ireland, is next. The tourist season is really coming to an end and it’s quiet in the little giftshop dominated towns. I make a quick stop at the chocolate factory in ‘the Glen‘ and after an extensive chocolate-taste-session I’m ready for the second steepest ascent of Ireland. Well, no, I wasn’t ready really. The lady at the tourist information told me ‘after the Glen there’s a bit of a climb, but the scenery is nice, so…’ Well, I had to get off my bike an push, something that hasn’t happened to me since the ridiculously steep rocky trails in southern Mexico and before that I can’t even recall when I last pushed my bicycle. The sun was hot (this is autumn in Ireland I’m talking about) and I even stripped down from a t-shirt to a tanktop as I was overheating. That night was incredibly clear and chilly and the full moon shone bright like a gigantic torch illuminating my tent in Kerry’s official Dark-Sky Reserve.

    P1000301 1


    After several nights of camping I was happy to arrive to the atmospheric town of Killarney where I would stay at the house of WarmShowers host Timmy. One of those WarmShowers places where I instantly felt welcome and comfortable. It was nice talking to someone who has travelled a lot too, discussing the possibilities to cross Mongolia on horseback, cooking together and then both doing our own again. On sundaymorning, the morning of my birthday, I walked into the living room to find a chocolate pastry with a candle and serpentine! As always when I’m travelling and I have my birthday I allowed myself to be incredibly lazy and eat lots of treats.

    After two relaxing days I felt ready for some more biking. The weather changed and it rained most of the day. Though I haven’t experienced any heavy rain yet in Ireland, it’s all quite friendly rain and drizzle, unless the wind picks up and smacks it in my face. I made my way to the impressive 214 meter high Cliffs of Moher and descended back to sea level to land in the garden of a nice warm hostel. My tent is the only one pitched in the back, all the other guests sleep in inside, but I still get to enjoy all the luxury of staying at a hostel. A big kitchen, fireplace, WiFi, shower, laundry machine and a table to sit down at and write my blog.


    My overall impression of Ireland is good. The western part is beautiful and the people are very friendly and helpful. There are so many lovely quiet roads to choose from. It’s very green (thanks to the rain). The only thing that I’ve really missed, ever since coming into England, are town squares. In the U.K and Ireland there are hardly any nice town squares to sit down on a bench, make my lunch and watch the daily life as I love to do. Instead I often sit down on the terrace of a closed pub as an alternative.

    Then, to finish off this blog, I have some great news to share that’ll also determine my direction for the near future. The short film named PEDAL that I made together with filmmaker Scott Hardesty got selected as a finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Which means that my film will be screened there for hundreds of people on an enormous screen. Banff is one of the most renowned film festivals of its kind and I’m incredibly excited and a little proud that our film will have its premier there. I’ve decided to attend the festival. I absolutely loved it there last year and now, with my own film in and the chance to reunite with some lovely people, I think it might be even better. And after the ‘nine epic days’ (as they’re called) of the festival, it’s my plan to head east. By bike or maybe partially by train, the exact plans are still in the making.

    PEDAL poster

    Sadly, I can’t share the film with you yet. First it has to have its big premier and after that we’ll submit it to several other festivals. But, I promise, as soon as it will be made public, it will be posted here on my website.

    Two weeks from today I’ll fly to Canada. But before I do so I’ll make sure to update you about my (now) remaining two weeks in beautiful, green, wet, Ireland.

    Go dtí an chéad uair eile,
    or, until next time!




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    2153 PL Nieuw-Vennep
    +31 (0) 252 426 123
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