Cycling in Bretagne

Composer Yann Tiersen, famous for his soundtrack of the French film Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, built a music studio on Ouessant, an island in Bretagne. For his album Eusa (Breton for Ouessant) he made several field recordings, of the sound of the sea for example. With the GPS-coordinates in her phone 'Fietsvlogger' Jessica is looking for the spots, on her bicycle of course.  

Jessica de Korte
Bicycle Travel Lite+

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VLOG: Miami!! Bicycles are faster than cars

Jessica has made it to Miami, a very busy city, loads of traffic lights, but they can skip the traffic jams on the bicycle. There are cycling lanes everywhere! "We didn't expect this at all, but cycling in Miami is like a dream. Unfortunately we don't have much time for the beaches, but we enjoy the beauty of the palm trees and the sea."

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VLOG: Thunderstorms in Florida

It gets hot in Florida, but Jessica also faces some thunderstorms. Some serious ones. She has to cycle pretty fast, but fortunately a restaurant provides shelter. In the state parks they get some huge camp sites, meant for RV's and they meet more alligators.

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VLOG: Hottest pool

It's hot again. But the sea is refreshing. The pool on the campground? The HOTTEST ever! Jessica visits the Kennedy Space Center and tries to keep going in the heat, drinking plenty of water.

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VLOG: Savannah

From Philadelphia we take the Amtrak train to Savannah. Pretty easy to bring your bicycle on the train. Tropical heat! Happily Savannah has a lot of parks with wonderful trees.

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