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Colonial Towns, ash spitting volcanos and steep climbs in Guatemala

The map shows some amazing offroad cycle opportunities in Guatemala; dirt roads, steep climbs, hidden villages and single tracks are here to discover! If only we hadn't got a stubborn cold...

The climb up to Antigua was getting better and better, temperature dropped slowly and the cool air gave us our energy back. Guatemalan people were giving us thumbs up while we passed ash spitting Volcano El Fuego and reached colonial Antigua with its cobblestone streets and colorful houses. We wandered the streets, enjoyed great espressos and had dinner with our new Dutch friends; Toos, Leon en Ad. The spirit returned and we were planning some great offroad trips on our way North to Tikal.

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Costa Rica: Welcome to the zoo!

The heat and humidity in Costa Rica sucks the energy right out of us. I don't think I ever saw so much fluid just flow out of my pores, drinking liters of water doesn't really do the trick. Maybe it's better to slow our pace down and do what the locals do...: hanging around in hammocks!

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Video blog - stage 4 & 5

 Awesome video blog from Taking the High Road! 

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