• Santos NeoDrives system

    Travel bike with power

Clear display

At a single glance

A clear and simple display, to see immediately what you really want to know. The display shows all important information such as speed, range and battery level. The display is also removable to safely store it when you get off your bike.

Peak performance >500 Watt

Silent, powerful motor

We have equipped the Travelmaster 3+ GS with a rear wheel Neodrives Z20 motor. This is a silent, vibration-free direct current motor, which is 'power driven'. The more pressure you put on the pedals, the more power the motor delivers. That feels very natural, because you can manage the speed yourself and dose it as you like.

The Neodrives motor is the core of a strong wheel with short spokes. It is easy to take the wheel in and out with the quick release system. This way you can replace your tire yourself or ask a random (local) bicycle mechanic to do the necessary maintenance.

612 Wh accu

Large battery, extensive range

The Travelmaster 3+ GS is equipped with a large battery, which is compactly mounted to the down tube, also with the ladies frame. This way the Travelmaster 3+ GS retains its stable riding characteristics. The operating range of the Travelmaster 3+ GS depends on many factors. Think of air resistance, rolling resistance, the extent to which you ride yourself, weight and the support setting you use. Experience shows a operating range between 50 and 150 kilometers. Would you like more advice on this subject? Feel free to ask us.

Safe operation

At hand

You can easily operate the Neodrives display with your thumb, without removing your hand from the handlebars. As safe as possible. Choose from five different levels of support.

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