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    Bike patrol.

    When in Holland, you see them everywhere. The iconic mountainbikes of the Dutch police, made by Santos. Also in use by the Dutch Ambulance, Red Cross, Belgian and Swedish police. How about your organisation?

Santos Bike Patrol
Dutch Police
Santos Bike Patrol
Dutch Ambulance
Santos Bike Patrol
Street Patrol
Santos Bike Patrol
Sverige Polis

Two new Belgian police forces on Santos Bike Patrol bikes

January 2021 - Santos Bikes has now also won the tender from both Ghent and Antwerp for their Bike Patrol bikes. The first series has just been taken into production in the Santos factory in Nieuw-Vennep. Santos will be providing all maintenance as well.

Unique to this tender is its availability under the same conditions to other Belgian police forces. They no longer have to tender themselves but can contact Santos Bikes directly.

Dutch police put new bikes into use

10 September 2020 – Today Santos Bikes has officially delivered the first series of new Bike Patrol bicycles to the Dutch police. Santos won the European tender for the second time last year, for which it especially developed this bicycle. With the very robust Santos mountainbikes, police bikers can move safely and efficiently through a busy city, so that they can be on the scene quickly in emergency situations.

Dutch police choose Santos again in 2020

20 December 2019 - For the second time in a row, Santos Bikes has won the European tender for the Bike Patrol bicycle for the Dutch police. The new contract starts on January 1, 2020. Santos is expected to deliver several thousand bikes to the police and will also be responsible for carrying out the maintenance.

For this tender, Santos developed a completely new Bike Patrol bicycle. Especially made for the rough and tumble use that police bikers have to deal with.

Santos Bike Patrol

Custombuilt & modular

A Santos can always be adapted to the requirements of the rider. Our Bike Patrol frame is the basis. From there we can build, configure and upgrade as desired.

All our Bike Patrol bikes are E-bike ready. This means they can easily be converted into E-bikes, even after delivery.

Durable & low-maintenance

With over 15 years hands-on experience, we have become true specialists in sustainable bicyles.

A Santos has an incredibly long lifespan. The super durable Santos beltdrive combined with the reliable internal gearbox stand for low maintenance. 

Low daily costs

For just a couple of euros a day you can ride this Santos Patrol Bike, including maintenance and depreciation costs.

Matching the colors of your business

Santos offers more than 50 frame colors and can fully implement your housestyle.

Make it complete by combining it with an internal gear hub, battery pack or SON lighting in matching colors.

Interested in Santos Bike Patrol?

Make a video appointment. We then "walk" you through our factory and show you frames, models, colours and accessories. Or visit our factory, located just a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam airport. We can ship worldwide.

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