• Frank en Jacinta
  • Frank & Jacinta

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    Frank en Jacinta, een Nederlands-Vlaams stel op reis door de Amerikaanse continenten. Ze startten hun avontuur in Vancouver en fietsen naar Patagonia. Over hun avonturen schrijven ze een wekelijkse blog.

Spinning South: Puerto Cayo to Guayaquil

How silence can sooth the nerves. Being at a place without sound pollution, only the crashing of the waves. Think about all the noise pollution our civilization is forcing up on us. When was the last time you did not hear any artificial sound?

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Biking in Colombia: Chita to San Pablo de Borbur

When I struggle up the mountains and see locals walking up the hills to their fields, or cooking dinner on a wood fire, I remind myself of what Hilde said so nicely in her blog: our “suffering” is our own choice.

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Spinning South: La Maná to Puerto Cayo

Flat, good roads, give me the opportunity to think, reflect and wonder while biking. You maybe think you have all the time thinking while biking but if speeding downhill you need all your concentration to make it down as fast and safe as possible.

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Spinning South: Yotoco to El Bordo

The Pan-Americana Highway is the longest network of roads in the world. Leading from North America across Central America and ending in the most southern tip of South America.

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Colombia: Bucaramanga to Soata

If you know that Bucaramanga is the capital and largest city of Santander in Colombia with almost 522,000 inhabitants, you can imagine that we are lucky to have MapsMe which works offline as a route planner to guide us out of the crazy busy city.

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Spinning South: Cotopaxi to La Maná

Ever wondered about the force of nature creating our earth? Massive volcanoes, tip peeking out of the earth as a dimple that just erupted, covered in dusty snow. Volcanoes created this landscape, they are still changing the surface of the earth, but with lower impact than humans do on day-to-day basis.

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Portobelo to Cartagena

Final days in Panama feel like closing a second chapter. Waiting for our boat to Colombia to sail gives us 3 nights at the same spot with limited activity possibilities besides listing to your mind and body.

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