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    Fietst voor onbepaalde tijd, naar onbekende bestemming. Van IJsland naar Alaska, Canada, USA en dan waarschijnlijk door naar midden en zuid-Amerika.

Southern Warmth

In my last blog I wrote about my ‘speed-course: tourist’. In the recent weeks I’ve been able to enjoy the normal daily life in Mexico and with the Mexicans.

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Coming home in the desert

in other words: I’M BACK!
Recharged, rested, motivated, happy! Wild awake! Two weeks of non-stop camping, vast empty landscapes of steppe and desert, away from ‘civilization’, sun on my face and a book instead of my laptop; that turned out to be the recipe to regain my power, my pill.

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If you turn your holiday into your daily life, it’s no longer a holiday. Twelve years ago I got on my bicycle for my first cycling trip. My motivation: independency, to see the world, curiosity, challenge and to grow as a human being.

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Baja California

I bounce around on my bike on a dirt road with washboard relief, up and down, left and right. My panniers clatter an unclear rhythm.

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Code Red in the Sierra Nevada

With sunglasses on my nose, a tanktop on and a clear blue sky above me I'm looking out over the white mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Behind those mountains lies Yosemite National Park. All roads crossing the park are closed due to snow.

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The belt

It’s hot! It’s hot!
It feels as if a belt is strapped around my head. Another few gulps of water. My stomach feels like a ball that’s pumped up to hard. I’m nauseous but I don’t have to throw up, neither go to the toilet. Blegh! This is no fun!

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Not a sign in sight to point me the way to the border. I decide to ask a pedestrian; ‘How do I get to Mexico?’. He shows me the way and within minutes I pass by a short traffic jam waiting for their turn with customs, still, not a sign around. No ‘Goodbye’, no ‘Visit again’, no ‘Have a great trip’, no stars and stripes, no police. Nothing! Does Trump believe that he can keep ‘his people’ within the U.S. borders just by hiding all evidence of there being borders? Interesting..

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2017 Destination unknown

In 2016 I took a turn.
An unsigned turn without a street name, an unpaved road not to be found on any map or GPS. Without certainty about where it would lead, what the surface would be like, if it could be a dead end road, have side trails or be just a detour bound to join the main road again.

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