• Santos op de beurs

    Kom je langs op de beurs?

    2 t/m 4 maart, Utrecht, Jaarbeurs, Hal 2, stand 2.B.48
    Je vindt ons direct aan het testparcours.
    Je toegangskaart is geldig voor de Fiets- en wandelbeurs, Bikemotion én E-bike Xperience.

    Fietsenwandelbeurs    BikeMotion     E-bike Xperience

  • Fiets en wandelbeurs


    How we create a real Santos.

  • Frank van Rijn - TM3

    Ontmoet Frank van Rijn

    Frank en zijn Travelmaster 3+ live zien?
    Kom langs op de beurs en maak kennis met onze Hero.



Santos Bikes

Santos bouwt Custombuilt fietsen, omdat iedere fietser uniek is.

Alleen zo kunnen we de beste fiets bouwen, voor jou. Elke Santos wordt opgebouwd door één monteur, met aandacht voor elk detail. Onze fabriek staat in Nieuw-Vennep, dicht bij huis. We geven om kwaliteit en om persoonlijk contact. Zo wordt iedere Santos Built for (your) Life.

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Onze fietsen

De verschillende Santos Series, voor unieke rijders


Lite Serie Lite Serie

Mooi afgewerkt en je ideale partner voor naar
het werk, weekend weg of op vakantie.


Power Serie  Power Serie

Fietsen met power.
Ideaal voor vakantie of een snelle trip naar je werk.



Mountain Serie Mountain Serie

Moddervreters. Lekker licht en snel.
Bikepacking, why not?



Tandem Serie  Tandem Serie

Samen even snel,
op vakantie of de wereld over.



Urban Serie Urban Serie

Heerlijk de stad in, het terras op.
Dat doe je met deze fiets.




Showroom bezoek

Onze showroom wordt druk bezocht en we nemen graag de tijd voor je. Daarom werken we alléén op afspraak.
Elke vrijdag van 09.00 tot 17.00u.
Kan je niet op vrijdag, bel dan voor een afspraak op een andere dag.
Tip: neem je ID-kaart mee wanneer je onze fietsen wil testen.

Vrijdag 09/03: NOG VRIJE PLEKKEN
Vrijdag 16/03: NOG VRIJE PLEKKEN
Vrijdag 23/03: NOG VRIJE PLEKKEN
world store icoon

Tip: Santos World Stores

Onze World Stores hebben al onze modellen op voorraad. Dat zijn meer dan 23 Santossen, waarvan de meeste met Rohloff naaf of Pinion versnellingsbak en riemaandrijving. Er staat een pasfiets en een kleurendisplay, met alle framekleuren op echte framebuizen:

Laatste nieuws

Over onze fietsen en de rijders ervan

The big sibling grand plan

My life is defined by experiences. The greater the number of experiences, the better it gets. I find traveling is a great way to have the most varied kind of life experiences, learning about other people, and about yourself…

The last few months, I have been learning so much about life in completely different cultures than where I come from. I have met the wildest, most honest, hospitable, angry, sad and satisfied people. Everybody has their own story and way of living, and I have been enjoying being a guest in their home and taking it all in. Their stories have shown me more clearly what really matters in life, and also what I can probably live without.

The one thing I have missed these last 3 months, has been having someone with me to share these stories and experiences with. And that’s why it’s been so amazing to have my brother Beer join me on the road for 2 weeks as we crossed the Pyrenees between Bordeaux and Madrid. I was quite nervous about him joining my adventure, how would that change my rhythm and would we drive eachother crazy…!?

IMG 2376 1024x917

I have gotten so used to my own company that I wasn’t sure how that would work out; Because there are a few insights you maybe like to keep for yourself, maybe escape criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing when you don’t want to. Now sharing my days, encounters, food, thoughts, insights and energy with another person. But I figured, the best way to start sharing my new way of living with someone, is to do it with family, in this case with my brother Beer.

It’s nice to travel with someone who you don’t have to make exhausting small talk with, but who does understands that at times you get homesick and cranky. Who knows you well enough that you can share your weakest moments and then help each other get through it. And when you’re trying to climb a mountain in 38 degrees, it definitely helps to go through that together!

I will describe two days of our crossing and some of the highs and lows we went through.

We started out strong, full of energy and super excited to cross the mighty Pyrenees. As many of you know I am the world’s greatest map reader, so I was pretty happy Beer was there to navigate the mountain routes with me. We approached the steepest climb in the Pyrenees, known to even hard-core cyclists as a pretty tough one. The route is beautiful, and still full of determination I began the slow, endless hairpins to 1709 meters. I remember singing along to the Stones’ “I can’t get no satisfaction”, as race bikers coming down cheered me on along the route, what a great feeling, so much power and happiness, I was almost exploding from joy when we got to the top!

With renewed energy we started day 2. Incredible how quickly your mood can change on the road… a stiff wind blows in our face as it became misty and then cold. The mountains ahead were going to be a 12% climb for the next 9 kilometres and nothing to interrupt the emptiness of your surroundings. We get hungrier and everything hurts, I don’t feel like talking and we sink into a long and tough day ahead.

IMG 2582

Whether you are having a great day or a tough one, just make sure your wheels are rolling. Happiness is a feeling that comes and goes, but the greatest joys and satisfactions during this trip come from trying to push myself that little further. Then treating yourself on the end of the day with a cold beer and great food tastes that much better! Having done this together has been very special, reliving past memories, laughing, talking about interesting subjects we would never get around to in our regular busy lives back in Amsterdam. We have found biking together a great experience. Well, most of the time.

Next destination will be Valencia, up to the east coast back to France.. because you still deserve a story about France from me. Riding further and further to my end destination; Italia. ( 3500 kilometers are cycled, 2,5 more months to go)


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2153 PL Nieuw-Vennep
+31 (0) 252 426 123
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